IMD Business School – Lausanne class 2015/16 – 15th to 19th May 2017

By Max Darby August 14, 2017

The IMD business school is part of the training and one of the big benefits of the Outperformer program. It is a top address for management training, mostly to current or future executives of leading companies worldwide. Hilti has developed an own curriculum with the professors that consists of intense virtual classes and groupwork and a one-week on campus module in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland.

I was super excited to go there, because after months of virtual classes about Finance and Strategy and solving assignments with my global peers over Skype, I was eager to reunite with them and to meet the professors in person and get to know the famous campus at the Lake Geneva.

After our first Global Summit in Hilti Global Headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein, in November 2016, this was the second opportunity to meet all of the other Outerformers of my class from all around the world – the whole group of 30 covering 21 nationalities! Last time we mostly met as strangers, this time as friends! So the atmosphere was terrific, which was added to by the beautiful surrounding between mountains and the big lake.

Also, the quality of the classes was a surprise. From the online modules, I knew they were excellent, but I didn’t expect the professors to incorporate actual Hilti business challenges into the frameworks so well and to consider such current developments such as emerging market specifics or the ongoing digital revolution.

Another surprise was when our CFO Jörg Kampmeyer took a full day to walk us through Hilti’s financial strategy. And a further highlight was the personal leadership coaching with professional trainers who managed to bring us out of our comfort zones to give precise feedback on group dynamics and leadership skills. Of course, the fun didn’t come short, as you can see in the pictures.

Now I am already looking forward to meet the group again at the next Global Summit, which is our social project in Bosnia in September.

Paul Boedeker – Project Manager