Social Project – Bosnia – September 2017

By Max Darby October 5, 2017

One special event during the program is the “social summit”. It’s the third time – after the first summit in Liechtenstein and the IMD business school – that the Outperformers of one class from all over the world reunite – this time, however, with a very special purpose.

In Bosnia from 1992 until 1995 a cruel war took place. Many people fled the country, many lost their homes, too many their beloved ones. Today the remains of the war are still to be seen all across the country.

Together with the Hilti foundation, we had the chance to act on a local level and help four families in need by building houses for them. It was a very intense week, we learnt about the country and its history, got to know the families and spent a week on the jobsites erecting the houses with guidance from Bosnian foremen who didn’t speak out languages – a challenge of its own.

At last we could handover the keys to the families – such a rewarding and emotional moment.

I will keep this experience forever in my memory as a reminder to what’s important in life and to how even the most fundamental challenges can be overcome by acting jointly and by looking forward and not backwards.