Questions you might have

  • Do I need to have work authorization for the country I apply in?
    Yes, you must be legally allowed to work in the country in which you apply. We cannot sponsor you when you join the program but you can look at opportunities in the country where you are authorized to work
  • How long is the program?
    2 years
  • What is the application process and how long does it usually take?
    The application rounds and timing will vary slightly in each country but all will include an introduction phone interview, a follow up phone interview, a van ride (if commercial track) and the Assessment Center. Depending on when you apply and when the Assessment Center for your country is scheduled the time frame for the process will vary
  • What languages do I need to speak?
    Minimum: English Fluency and Fluency in the language of the country you apply in
  • Can I apply to the program in another country?
    Yes. But you should make sure to speak the language of the country you are applying for. Even though the global business language for Hilti is English, especially when you have contact to customers, they expect you to speak their language
  • How many Outperformers do you hire each year?
    We don't have a fixed number. Candidates have to meet our high standards in order to pass the application process. That means, it differs from year to year and across regions and in some rounds we might make no offer at all. If there are more excellent candidates than we can bring into the program, we try to make them other attractive offers