I could not think of a more ‘outside of my comfort zone’ situation than embarking on my first-year rotation in sales. Nor could I imagine how important it would prove to be moving forward in my Hilti career.

5 years ago, Brasil

Leaving my comfort zone behind

Although I am an industrial engineer, prior to joining Hilti I had been working in the financial sector for years…Needless to say that having my safety shoes on, hard hat on and demo tools in hand, I was frightened to walk onto my first jobsite. With time, that feeling was giving place to confidence and relationships flourished. I would be lying if I told you it was easy. But it was worth it.

The most enriching takeaways only came because it is hands on since day one. The opportunity to see, first hand, how customers react to our solutions. Understanding their objections and identifying what they value the most. Living the challenges all account managers encounter every day and sharing experiences amongst your team. No training camp in the world would be able to teach all that.

But assimilation takes time. Our fast-paced lives do not allow for too much thinking over each situation. I completed the first year in sales and embarked on the projects phase. New places, new, people, new challenges… It was not until I started my first landing position after the program, as a Product manager, that I realized how important the first year is sales was. Understanding the reality of our sales force made me more credible and effective on my job.

People say you only grow outside your comfort zone. Embracing the opportunity of feeling awkward and unfamiliar in a new task may give us butterflies on our stomach, but very few things are more rewarding than looking back and seeing how much you learned in the process.

Ana Maria

Commercial Track, Alumni

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  • Leaving my comfort zone behind
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