Two months ago I moved from Buchs in Switzerland to Moscow. High mountains changed to high skyscrapers. As an athletic person, I enjoyed to bike to HQ in Schaan, but now I must take a taxi to work instead.

5 years ago, Russland

It’s the contrasts that make it!

As an outsider, the contrasts are big compared to Switzerland and even my home country Sweden, which helps to give some good perspectives on the new interesting culture. I decided to go to Moscow because of an exciting project within a great team. I can now, one more month to go say I’m glad I decided to come here!

My first two projects during the Trainee program gave me a good understanding of the inner workings of a business unit function at the HQ in Liechtenstein. My first role was in Project Management and my last project was in Marketing. Mostly, I worked in cross functional teams and with our colleagues in France and Germany.

My personal interest was to understand Hilti’s product development process and get experience of leading a “lean” product development project. I must say the time in the business unit was much better than I expected, great colleagues and support from Management team made the experience invaluable.

For the international assignment, I wanted to experience an emerging market and my mentor knew the team in Moscow and recommended a cross functional project with them. I was excited to work with something completely different such as a logistics project with focus on FIFO optimisation.

My first day going to work in Moscow, a fellow trainee, Kate, was so kind to pick me up and drive me to work! It was very helpful and as such I did not have to get lost on the first day. Without the trainee network, I believe I would not have had the same insight into the culture from day one.

During my first week, I also had the opportunity to join the team for the Hilti way, a team camp with focus on our culture. Even though I was the only one not speaking Russian, the whole team spoke English for two days, only for me! I felt included and very privileged to join the team in this way. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know the team and understand the internal targets and the strategy.

During my project, I have spent some time in the Central Warehouse. We have arranged several workshop with stakeholders to identify the root cause of the situation. Taking the lead and organise the setup is rewarding, especially with talented team members.

Thats all for now!



Technical Track, Year Two

  • Rotation 1:

    Developing a new tool

  • Rotation 2:

    Market research in France and Germany

  • Rotation 3:

    International assignment within logistics in Russia

  • It’s the contrasts that make it!