The Regional Assessment Center is the last part of the selection process to join the Outperformer Program. I had mine in Paris in March 2016, and I hope my experience there helps some of you !

2 years ago, Francia


These days, many prospect candidates are already approaching current trainees and HR staff in different Career Fairs all over the world and online. And Assessment-center related questions are quite common. How to survive to the Assessment ?

First of all, you are going to be assessed by a big group Senior Managers from different Market Organizations and backgrounds (CEO’s, Sales VPs, HR). You will get to know them the night before the Assessment, so take the chance to speak to them. Share your expectations and interests with them, and do not hesitate to ask questions about career perspectives in Hilti or any other concern. This first face to face interaction helps to build trust before the interviews the next day.

Secondly, do not get obsessed with the content of the different interviews / tasks during the Assessment. Obviously we cannot discuss here the detail, which also varies from year to year. Nevertheless, my advice is that you manage your energy level properly through the long day and adjust to the timing for each task. Failing in one test well below you average in the rest could be dangerous !

Moreover, take the chance to interact with your peers, that is other candidates. Hilti wants to encourage a collaborative environment over a competitive one, and actually many other candidates will have very interesting backgrounds from which you can get some learnings. I am still in touch with some of the people I shared this experience with!

Finally, be ready for immediate and direct Feedback, and how to manage it. If you are not offered a position in the Program, you may be offered another position in your Market, but this does not happen always. Be ready to handle all possible scenarios, and Good Luck !

Monday August 1st of 2016 was my first day as an Account Manager in Valencia, Spain. Now that I am about to leave the field and go back to office life, I will miss my best friend of this year: my Hilti car.

11 months ago, España


Coming from a position as a Business Development consultant in a large IT firm, I considered myself quite used to daily contact with the customer, and so I felt quite ready to become a successful salesman.

Now that I am about to leave the Account Manager position, I realize how unready I was for the challenges associated with the nature of Hilti’s portfolio of customers, and how much I have learnt during this year!

When you are in the midmarket sector, your portfolio is very diverse. Typical customers would have between 10 and 25 people, and very often the person you deal with also takes care of the Company Management and Commercial action. You as a supplier have to become a solution instead of an additional problem to them !

Not only the specific Trade you sell in, but also Geography will determine your daily life as a salesman. In my case, I was assigned to a mixed area with two trades: construction and tool rental companies. These two businesses could seem similar for an outsider to the industry as I was, but they have actually very different needs that we have to address in order to succeed. This diversity has been challenging but also rewarding!

On the side of geography, I was so lucky! Valencia, a Mediterranean coastal region in Spain, has an incredible climate and the best paella around! But the fact is that the area is still recovering from the massive economic crisis that affected so badly the Real Estate and Construction Industry after the 2008 crash. Fortunately, Spain has been leading economic growth in Western Europe consistently since 2015, with the Construction business as a lever of that growth. This is a great opportunity for Hilti, so we are going to need more people around here in the coming years!

Now I am looking forward to my next rotation as a Project Manager in the Façade Business, at the head office in Madrid!

In the 2016 Outperfomer class we are 31 Trainees from 20 countries and totally different backgrounds. That is what I call Diversity!

8 months ago, Federación de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Building Networks for Work & Life

Building a strong Network within Hilti is one of the main takeaways from the Program. Apart from the 3 structured Summits through the Program, there are plenty of chances to build strong professional and personal ties with your peers. For example when several of us share destinations for Project Rotations around the world. And the same happens with Alumni, so the community grows every year. It is not only enriching but also fun !

I will be in Paris working on a Fleet Management project from December to May 2018, so if anybody is in town, just let me know! The picture is from the last Global Summit in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in September 2017.

This has been my first project back from the Field, and developing Hilti Spain Strategy for the Building Envelope Business was more amusing than it could seem !

7 months ago, España


Hilti’s portfolio of innovative and differentiated products and services is huge. As a Trainee in the Commercial Track, my first year in Sales helped me a lot in order to know most of our product lines. However, there are so many Applications and Trades that you will always find something new to learn about. My second project at the Head Office of Hilti Spain in Madrid has been about establishing our 2020 Building Envelope Strategy. And I had never been in touch with this business before, so I did not know what to expect from this project, to be honest !

Spending time with the Façade Engineering Team at the Office and with the Façade Business Developers in different Field Rides gave me a wide understanding of the business, including our value proposition for Light Ventilated Façade (LVF) Systems and our relationship with other relevant stakeholders in this market, including Architects and Panel Producers. Calls with Hilti specialists in this market in other MOs such as France and constant exchanges with our Façade Business Unit based in Austria helped a lot as well.

The picture is from Hilti’s biggest LVF project in Europe so far, built with our innovative system called Slab-to-Slab. More than 20 buildings like this one are being renovated in this neighborhood in Burgos (Spain), in order to improve energy efficiency and comfort for their inhabitants.

Finally, after almost 4 months of work, different proposals have been made in the Final Presentation in front of the Board of Directors of Hilti Spain, and as soon as in 2018 some of them will start to be implemented.

It has been great to have the opportunity to learn about a totally different business and work at strategic initiatives with very high exposure to the Management Team. A big contrast with the previous rotation as an Account Manager, which was much more operational. Next adventure will be abroad, in France, on a Marketing project related to Fleet Management. I am very much looking forward to it !



Smart Office, Paperless, Teamwork ... We hear these words all the time, but in the new headquarters of Hilti Spain, they come true. A workspace that matches the aspirations of the new generation of professionals that appear in the picture!

6 months ago, España

After only 3 weeks in Hilti France, I got the chance to participate in the 2018 Kick-Off in Poitiers. Amazing 2 days event, congratulations Hilti France for the results achieved in 2017, and best of luck for 2018.This Is Our Year!

5 months ago, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

The Service Marketing community needs to stay up to date with the latest innovations, and our peers from the Global Team organize excellent sessions for us! Here, with the French and the Belgian Fleet PMs, during our recent visit to Schaan.

4 months ago, Liechtenstein

Today, the Western Europe Marketing team reflected on the challenges that we are facing, and shared constructive proposals with our managers. Great spot, Vélodrome de St Quentin, where the coming Olympic Games will take place in 2024!

4 months ago, Montigny-le-Bretonneux


Commercial Track, Year Two