Not too many companies offer views like this during your coffee break!

5 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

This is something special!

Throughout the program we have two Global Summits. The first one takes place at the world HQ in Schaan, Liechtenstein. This was the first time I had the chance to meet my fellow Outperformers, speak with the CFO and CEO of Hilti, the Outperformer Program Manager, the head of People and Culture Development, global HR Business partners, and many more. In addition, to the many workshops and learning activities throughout the week the summit provides a great time to get to know people on a more personal level and share experiences from around the world! This was an invaluable experience that reaffirmed I had made a great choice in choosing to pursue a career with Hilti

Time and time again this program rewards in more ways than one!

Time comes and goes but experiences last forever… #montreal #canada #4seasons #HILTI #F150 #HiltiStrong #CanadatoUSA #Dallas #plano #marketing #sales #gobig

5 years ago, QC

Au revoir Montréal, howdy Dallas !

It has now been one full year since I began my journey in the Hilti Outperformer program and the cliché “time flies” could not be more pertinent. In just one year, I have made 31 new and incredible friends, traveled to four countries, attended a program at one of the world’s foremost business schools and worked in sales for the first time in my life.

But perhaps the most dramatic change lies ahead, in the coming month I will leave my birthplace and native land, and head down to Dallas, Texas to work at the North American head office in Marketing. It is a time fraught with excitement, nervousness and enthusiasm all at the same time. I look forward to getting the chance to work with some of my Outperformer colleagues and new ones alike.

This will be the first time I move for an extended period outside of Canada and from what I hear the weather down there doesn’t quite change as dramatically as it does up here…

7 days. 6 team members. 4 family members. 1 house.

5 years ago, Republika Srpska

A great place to work in many regards!

5 years ago, Dallas Parkway

Wrapping Up My Second Rotation

As i woke up this morning my fellow Outperformers sent me a link to the head office’s LinkedIn page. It seems my mug found its way to a post about how our company ranked amongst the best companies in the world to work for! Moments later, I was presenting my operations rotation project to senior engineering, marketing and business unit leadership. I think my smile pretty much sums up how i feel about my career with HILTI to date!

Note: This picture was taken during our week-long on-campus module with IMD in Lausanne (just another reason to apply!)

My buddy Lincoln (Technical Outperformer - HNA) loves to climb and loves showing newbees, like my wife and I, how its done! Thx Linc!

5 years ago, TX

So evidently there is something called Carnival in Liechtenstein and today is "Schmutziger Donnerstag" or dirty thursday. HILTI celebrated by bringing in a local band to play some "Guggamusik" for a mini "Monsterkonzert"!

4 years ago, Liechtenstein

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4 years ago, Liechtenstein

3 Countries in 6 Months – No Small Feat

Moving abroad is exciting, but it is also a known stressor. This stress can be magnified if you have a spouse or family to move with you as well. Something we don’t often talk about is the effect these moves have on our significant others. Before embarking on a journey, such as the Outperformer program, be sure to have the discussion regarding the program rotations and timeline with those closest to you. HILTI will support in any way they can but you have to do your part and make sure your house is in order. If you plan it well enough, you can greatly reduce the amount of stress associated with the move – for both you and your significant other/family. Looking back, I don’t see how I could have done it without my wife! From the looks of it, she seems pretty happy too 😉

If you have any questions regarding this topic – feel free to reach out!


Pictured (clockwise starting from top-left): HILTI North America Lodge at the American Airlines Centre for the Dallas Stars NHL game; Skiing in our new home of Liechtenstein; Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Texas; Lunch in Zurich

Even "dreary" days are nice days in Liechtenstein ;)

4 years ago, Liechtenstein

This is only the beginning.

4 years ago,

Landing Position, yes. Final destination? I think not!

It has been a while since my last post, a lot has happened these past 5 months…

A little while ago I was reminded on Facebook about an event that transpired a year ago to the day. That event was a brief layover in Munich with some colleagues before we went on to a volunteer trip as part of the Outperformer program with the Hilti Foundation. This spurred a bit of reflection on just how much I had accomplished, experienced and lived. Some of things I recalled were:

  1. Built a house in Bosnia for displaced families
  2. Skied four different alp systems
  3. Visited 15 countries
  4. Accepted a management position in the Middle-East
  5. Made countless new friends, colleagues and acquaintances
  6. Moved to three different continents
  7. Grew both professionally and personally
  8. Lived a lifetime…

I could of course spend hours writing about each one of these items, but ultimately I feel my friend and colleague, Peter Koller, summed it up best in his post on his landing position. Peter writes that he “cannot think of any other program (or any other company for that matter) that invests this amount of resources and efforts into the single individual” – this could not be more true.

Now it is time to focus on the road ahead as I settle in to my new home (for more than 3-6 months this time ;). One thing is for sure, the experiences I have lived have already served me well on more than one occasion in my new role. The exposure to all of the people, the experience of working in different departments/functions, and knowledge gained are priceless and will allow you to bring a new perspective to your future role within Hilti.

As always, feel free to reach out for information or just to gain some insight.


Pic: Al Qudra Desert Cycling Path, w/ the Hilti Emirates Cycling Group