On the 31st of March, I left HQ in Schaan with all my belongings and took the last TGV from Zurich to Paris. The next day I started my job as a Materials Manager in France.

5 years ago, France

Parlez-vous anglais?

After three months’ introduction phase at HQ in Schaan (Liechtenstein) including meetings with all stakeholders of the Global Logistics community, several smaller projects (e.g. on carrier reliability) and many trainings (e.g. on effective meetings and impactful communication), I was ready for my first rotation: Materials Management in France!

On the 31st of March, I tied up all loose ends in Schaan, packed my belongings and hopped on the last TGV to Paris. HR France had organized a furnished apartment in Versailles and after a short night at a hotel in Paris Montparnasse, I moved in on April 1st,  9am. (the contract was only valid from the beginning of the month). I bit later I arrived at work and the first question I asked my boss was: Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English?) Obviously, this was not an issue and we discussed the main objectives for the Materials Management rotation:

· Project on stocks in Hilti Stores: optimizing replenishment quantities and safety stocks by implementing an automated planning system in SAP APO and improving rounding values

· Operationally managing 30 Hilti Stores from a logistics point of view

Considering that my French was only on an intermediate level, especially the operational task was challenging, but already after a few days my standard question became ‘Pourriez-vous parler plus lentement?’ (Could you slow down a bit?) instead of ‘Parlez-vous anglais?’.

Until today I am thankful to the logistic team in France for the warm welcome and the ability to overcome language barriers.


Logistics Track, Year Two

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  • Parlez-vous anglais?
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