New country, new culture, new challenge! Coming to Mexico for my International Project was very exciting as I wanted to stay for my landing position in Latin America. Mexican people are very welcoming and so good at making you feel at home!

5 years ago, S.A. De C.V.

Mexico: a welcoming country

It confirmed my will to stay there at the end of the Outperformer program and settle in Mexico City to be part of Hilti Mexicana! Quite an adventure as my wife quit her 5 years´ job to follow me here. No pressure. Before leaving, people would tell us: “You´re going to live in Mexico? And you´ve never set foot there? That´s an exciting challenge!”

Even if we didn´t know Mexico, my wife and I had decided that we wanted to be working in a challenging environment, different from what we knew in mature markets. And we had been travelling in Latin America and thought that the opportunity to be working there rather than just stopping by for a 2 weeks’ holidays was very attractive.

When I first arrived at the headquarters in Mexico City, I was amazed how nice it looked. Brand new, with technologies everywhere, way warmer than in France. And the moto on the wall “Lo Único Constante es el Cambio” (The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change) made me smile the minute I entered the office. I knew right then that I came to the kind of place I´d been looking for.


Commercial Track, Year Two

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    Territory Sales

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    Hub Project

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    International Assignment

  • Mexico: a welcoming country