New Job, New Industry, New City

6 years ago, Россия

Starting with Hilti

I moved to Moscow to start my experience in Sales. This is the 6th time I move to a new city. Hilti was flexible and I had enough time to prepare to the basic training seminar (BTS), to find an apartment, to move in and furnish it, to get acquainted with people in the office.

I think I did well – I passed my pre-training exam, I established my network in the office, I already have my red Hilti car (I’m no longer scared of driving in Moscow – actually it’s even easier than it was in Lisbon) and I feel being prepared to the new experiences.

On-boarding program is very intense

6 years ago, Россия


It is amazing how much Hilti is investing into building competence of its employees. I had enough time to learn on my own using the on-line materials Hilti is offering, but now I started three weeks of training on Hilti tools and services. There is a lot of practice with tools and I’m also learning a lot about sales techniques. We also had a two days training on efficiency, planning and work in team.

Working with masses of completely new information

6 years ago, Россия


Changing the industry isn’t easy, and I feel absolutely exhausted after 3-weeks training. However my previous project-based experience in retail marketing consulting helped me a lot. And using simple techniques I was able to quickly integrate into the new environment, structure all the information, process it and not only pass the exams, but also feel prepared to my first customer visits.

First impressions

6 years ago, Россия

Starting in Sales

I knew Sales experience will help me to train a lot of skills – negotiations, time-management, planning, etc. but I definitely wasn’t able to evaluate the whole scope. My clients are very different in terms of backgrounds / experience / psychological types / generations / needs, etc. And I need to make them listen to me and to persuade them to opt for the solutions I’m offering. This is definitely a good way to practice my emotional intelligence and this is where my hobby – psychology – becomes very handy.

A week in Schaan

6 years ago, Hilti

Visit to the Headquaters

From August I was remotely working with my colleagues from other regions on a project and this was finally the time we met at the first Outperformers Summit. We saw the Headquarters in Liechtenstein, met top management, visited manufacturing facilities, had a lot of trainings. This was a week packed with great contacts, a lot of new information and a lot of cross-cultural experience, as we are more than 30 people from all around the world.

Ney Year - New Challenges

5 years ago, Россия


At Hilti I never stop learning. With the start of new year I started my semester at the IMD business school. I will have the following modules and workshops:

Finance Fundamentals for Executives

Strategic Thinking

Being Innovative

Leading Change

Leading the digital transformation

There is still so much room for improvements

5 years ago, Россия


This is such an eyes-opening experience. I thought I was good at multitasking, but when I have two pending calls from clients while already talking on the phone to a different client, the same time I have to prepare to a meeting which starts in 15 minutes, pay for parking, prepare the tools and prepare a quotation, I understand that there is still a lot of room for improvement. If I go through this sales experience, I will definitely improve not only my multitasking capabilities, but also planning, time-management and efficiency skills.

Time to get back to Lausanne

5 years ago, Лозанна


A module at the IMD business school in Lausanne was very intense. There were case studies and workshops about Finance, Digitalisation and Change Management, etc. And also we had teambuilding activities with a business trainer who was coaching us on emotional intelligence. Fantastic experience which will need a lot of reflection from my side

Gaining confidence

5 years ago, Россия

Achieving results

I now feel confident working in sales: I managed to build trustful working relationships with clients, I started achieving my target sales, I increased number of clients purchasing on-line, as well as grew by 100% number of clients with a high Hilti penetration

Experience Exchange

5 years ago, 31/12

Field rides with colleagues

Part of the “field” experience is to take your colleagues from absolutely different locations to the field rides – you get to spend a whole day together and learn a lot of new things from and about each other

Moving back to the office

5 years ago, Россия

Keep on moving

I’m now moving to a project in Brand & Communication, Employer Branding. This is very new for the company, and my job will be to analyse the current situation, define the roadmap/marketing plan and also prepare a plan how to launch our digital solutions at the key universities across the country

After a situational leadership training we went for a team dinner in a great restaurant on a rooftop.

5 years ago, Moscow

Situational leadership training

The training was fantastic – I’m looking forward to use these skills during my project as it will involve cross-functional work in different teams and a lot of change management. I will need to coach and support people on the topic of negotiations with universities as well as help our employees to start driving activities at the universities across the whole country

Best team exercise ever

5 years ago, Босния и Герцеговина


Building this house for a family who was left without one during the war almost 20 years ago does make a difference. And I learned to use a hammer…

What did I forget?

5 years ago, Босния и Герцеговина


This trip to Srebrenica and discussions with colleagues helped me to reconsider my lifestyle. As through the last year I was overwhelmed with new experiences I somehow forgot about my passion – sustainable development. And I was always trying to give back and to engage others into moving to a more sustainable lifestyle: already at school I was organising charity events, at university apart from charity I was also volunteering in promoting and teaching people to recycle, spreading awareness about harmful consequences of consumerism and horizons of circular economy.

In fact all of these were one of the key reasons why I chose Hilti. Sales do not always mean increase of consumerism, and Hilti is a great example of this. Hilti products are long lasting and Hilti guarantees the support (repair and maintenance), so that the users (customers) won’t need to through away and buy a new product (as they mainly do with the products of our competitors), but rather fix the existing one and continue enjoying its quality, efficiency and reliability. Apart from selling the high quality products Hilti is also providing innovative services that of course help the clients to be more efficient and save money/resources, but this is only a derivative as below the iceberg is the ethical business model of Hilti.

Being a part of a B&C team I got a chance to participate in a huge client event in Moscow, that covered products and services update, as well as lots of networking

5 years ago, Глазово

What is it like to be on another side

5 years ago, Венгрия

CEMS Career Forum

For the first time I was at the CEMS Career Forum not just as a student/alumni, but as a Corporate Partner. It felt great having so many conversations with CEMSies, being able to analyse if a person is a fit to our corporate culture, guide students through different career development opportunities. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I also felt recharged by the energy of ambitious and full of opportunities CEMSies.

As a great bonus I got to meet my colleagues from other regions – with whom I used to work remotely but never met in person before.

First hands-on steps

5 years ago, Россия

Into branding

As a part of my project I need to launch Hilti desks (interactive kiosks). By now I made the branding for one that will be used at our events and it seems to be fitting into Hilti environment very well

Just do it

5 years ago, Россия

Into technology

That is a challenge to work with program engineers. First I needed to identify the company that will be working with us, I also needed to run a lot of alignment meetings with the internal stakeholders to make sure that the software covers all the necessary information, but then I also need to coordinate the external provider to meet these needs and to also follow our brand guidlines.

Lectures at universities

4 years ago, Россия

Getting into universities

I already started pitching universities for launching our digital kiosks and as the places are all over Russia I decided to involve my colleagues who are working in those regions, as this way it seems to be more cost/time efficient, but also more sustainable, so that when I finish the project the same colleagues will maintain contacts with the universities. As a part of a deal we organise education events for students (workshops / presentations) and I support my colleagues with that. Seems we are doing a great job.

If you are looking for something - it will find you..

4 years ago, Россия

Visiting kids

Ever since I came back from Bosnia in September I was thinking how can I keep giving back to society. And here I got an opportunity. I found an organisation that is taking care of orphanages (mainly outside of Moscow) and we sent them presents for kids. However the most important are not the presents, but the time, the energy kids are receiving. Together with colleagues I went to visit one of them. We spent the whole evening playing with kids. We all agreed it could be very good to make this a frequent activity. I hope we can make it.

This is not the first time I had an emotional intelligence training, but this experience was definitely one of the best

4 years ago, Россия

Emotional intelligence training

Inga Korchagina – my manager and a certified trainer never forgets to invest time into development of our team. This time she prepared for us a training on the DISC profiles, which is one of the key frameworks we are using. It is great how Inga can transform tons of information into easy to understand-remember-use tools.

One more excuse to celebrate

4 years ago, Россия

Farewell lunch with the team

It’s been less than half a year, but feels like forever. I so enjoyed working with the team and it is so hard to be leaving. I appreciate an opportunity to meet and work with so many great people

How to get the most out of my project

4 years ago, Россия

Video production

Another task I got during my project is to manage the process of creation employer branding video for our new department (service). I need to coordinate the work between the requesting department and the external agency, make sure it is done within our brand guidelines, manage the timeline, etc. Unfortunately, I won’t see the final result as the final shooting session will take place after I leave Moscow, but I need to make sure that it runs smoothly without my presence. Here is a photo from the first video-shooting day.

Sales Convention

4 years ago, Россия

The end…?

The end of the year is quite intense. After almost 1,5 years I’m leaving Moscow, so I need to move out from the apartment and organise where to leave all of my stuff, the same time our Moscow office is moving as well so I’m packing at both home and work, and I still need to organise a proper transfer of all what I worked on to the people who will take over.

In the picture my manager is presenting the Employer Branding results and plans at the session dedicated to the B&C update during the yearly Sales Convention. And I’m quite satisfied with the results. I analysed the situation with the employer branding and created the roadmap for the development of this area, together with other colleagues we kicked-off activities at universities, as well as we achieved 100% agreements with universities for distribution of the digital kiosks. I was able to reach agreements with all the stakeholders but also develop the final solution (software). Now in the upcoming months the digital kiosks will be launched at the universities and spread awareness of Hilti brand to the students.

Happy New Year!

4 years ago, Чехия

New Year, New beginnings

I’m in Prague, where I will be working in Training & Learning department. I’m here to help with establishment of a new training center for the whole sub-region (six EU countries). This was my best moving experience ever. Josef, the regional HR manager responsible for the Outperformer program, took care of all the small details and I do feel very welcome here. I got a chance to participate in the local sales convention and to meet people from the whole market organisation. A great way to start a new project.

What I get to do and learn

4 years ago, Чехия

Experience Exchange

Through this project I get to know quite a lot of colleagues internationally. I’m in touch a lot with my colleagues in Russia, GB, Germany, USA and Liechtenstein. I’m exploring the best practices how the training centers are organised, which trainings are running there and what are the pitfalls we might face.

Cross functional work

4 years ago, Чехия


I again work across two departments – HR and Marketing. Of course it is not easy to be in between, but I prefer to take it as a nice challenge. I get to experience work in two different functions as an insider, meet more people, understand the key drivers. This will allow me to be more confident in the decisions I have to take and solutions that I will provide, as I will be able to understand both sides.

New culture

4 years ago, Чехия

Keeping integrating

I’m new in the MO (market organisation), but people are very willing to share with me information and their pain points. This is extremely helpful to me, as I get to understand easier how the work is getting done here and how to get integrated. However, I do not understand how I earned the trust and openness so quickly, or is it the culture of people? This is something I will still need to explore

Keep learning

4 years ago, Чехия

Sub-regional Marketing meeting

I got a chance to participate in the sub-regional Marketing meeting. This was a very eyes-opening experience for me, as I got to see the topics and problems on the table of the sub-regional directors, but also the tools and communication technics they are using to make the meetings efficient. I’m impressed how much I can learn and how much experience I gain I have to reflect on

No good deed goes unpunished :)

4 years ago, Чехия

Taking initiative

Planning the future training center and trainings I saw a potential in development of our global e-learning platform within the sub-region. I realised, that we don’t need the actual training center to develop an on-line platform and started persuading my colleagues to invest into it. Eventually I turned out to be responsible for it. This is a very out of comfort zone activity for me, as I do not know how to write a code, and overall I never had experience of developing digital platforms. No good deed goes unpunished 🙂 Now I have to figure out how to approach it.

It's becoming even more interesting

4 years ago, Чехия


Every year Hilti CZ is participating in VSE (CEMS University in Prague) CEMS business projects. The business project of this year is going to be about the Training and Learning, and the Training center facilities in particular. It took us a couple of weeks to prepare, align and make a roadmap in order for the business project to be valuable for both sides. We already have students, we added to the team two colleagues from Hilti and today was our first meeting.

It was a very fruitful meeting which took several hours: we introduced each other and the company, had a Q&A session with our GM, a little hands-on and tour around the office and then we finally got to the business discussing why we introduced the T&L on a sub-regional level, what our strategy and long term vision are and what we expect from the delivery.


4 years ago, Чехия

Things keep evolving

I have good news – I got some support: a colleague who’ll be helping me with the technical part of the e-learning platform development. I introduced him to the platform and now he has a few weeks to help me with the initial tasks, while I’m trying to understand our strategy of e-learning and choose a direction for our sub-region. For this I’m in touch with my colleagues from Russia, UK and Germany. They are very supportive.

Unfortunately there are a lot of system bugs that somehow appear only in our sub-region and I have to deal with them. And as in my previous project I was in touch with developers now it’s quite easy for me to choose effective communication style. Hopefully it will result into fast and efficient fixing of system errors.

Decision making process

4 years ago, Словакия

Visit to Bratislava

We had a quick but very fruitful trip to MO Slovakia, Bratislava. We got to see the office and facilities of the training center-to-be. Several directors and some more stakeholders of our project were together for the whole day setting the direction, defining the priorities and looking for compromises in order to be aligned in terms of requests and expectations. As a result we changed significantly the initial set-up, identified the owners of key processes and now we can proceed much faster with the next steps.

I’m very glad that I get a chance to participate in such meetings – not only I get to practice my soft skills and get exposure to what I’m working on, but also I get to see how top management is behaving, which tools they are using to be efficient and how they reach compromises. It gives me a lot of material to think of, analyse and apply.

Guiding others

4 years ago, Чехия

Testing situational leadership skills

Unexpectedly I’m also getting experience of people management through this project: I need to give tasks to the colleague who is helping me with the technical side of the e-learning, need to train him, plan his time, motivate him and give feedback.

It goes hand in hand with the CEMS BP, as there I also have to guide and coach the team.

Achieving results

4 years ago, Чехия

Our team starts performing

I came up with a very good tool how to make the workload of my colleague, who is supporting me, more transparent for both of us, and now I’m very happy with his work. I think I managed to adapt and he seems to be happy with our new working set up. We just launched a solution for leadership development on our e-learning platform and this is only the beginning

Being more involved into activities with CEMS

4 years ago, Чехия

CEMS magazine article

I was asked to help with creation of an article for a CEMS magazine. We conducted a set of interviews with colleagues (including myself) and transformed them into an article. I was happy to work on it – this kind of exercises reminds me about the big picture: I got to hear the stories my colleagues and needed to prioritize what should be included in the final article – what could be interesting for CEMSies. Was a great and efficient team work.

Flexibility is very important for being a part of the Outperformer program

4 years ago, Чехия


I am supposed to be in my final weeks of the regional project, but the landing discussion is still in progress and as we haven’t started discussing the international project yet, I guess I will be staying longer in Prague. On the one hand, this results into lots of uncertainty and a delay in my holidays, but on the other – I can do more in Prague as I’m really enjoying the project. I have nothing against staying here for a longer period of time: I feel very well integrated, there is a lot I can influence through my work and the weather is getting so much better now…

CEMS Students presentation

4 years ago, Чехия

A big piece of work is over

This year business project was special as we decided to integrate the business project team into one of our biggest projects of this year – establishment of training and learning practices and building the training center for the whole sub-region (formed by 6 countries).

The business project team consisted of three CEMS students and two Hilti employees who were working closely with our Training & Learning team. They were looking for answers for very challenging questions: which technologies to use in the facilities, how the trainings have to evolve when the pace of work is accelerating and traditional learning techniques are becoming less and less relevant, how to make the trainings efficient and involve employees into active and sustainable learning.

The results exceeded all our expectations: within 2,5 months the team has carried out significant analyses, developed a number of solutions, and together with our T&L department identified the key directions and tools that will be implemented in our training center and training practices already this summer. The feedback from the top management was very good and it made me feel that we’ve been doing a great job. From my side I noticed I became much more comfortable guiding the team and giving feedback.

Thanks a lot Edvard, Houssam, Veronika, Michal and Vaclav for productive work! The results of this cooperation will be with Hilti through all of our training activities.

Visit to Kaufering

4 years ago, Кауферинг

Experience Exchange

We went to Kaufering – to visit their newly built training center. We were extremely impressed by the facilities and how they are run. The German team spent a lot of time showing us around, sharing information and answering our questions. And it’s not only that we learned a lot about the training center and trainings itself, we had a great coaching experience on communication and active listening.

Appreciate how Hilti is running

4 years ago, Чехия

External meeting

It’s been a couple of months since I was trying to reach one of very big international companies to supply us some materials we need for the training center. There was no response and I’ve decided to go through the contacts I had to find a person within the company to reach out to. I found a colleague who used to work there and he was able to get me a contact. I sent an e-mail, but after waiting for several weeks there was still no response. So I turned again to my colleague asking for additional help. After a couple of his phone calls I finally was able to receive a response and it took another several weeks to receive all the necessary information so that I could finally schedule a meeting…for July.. I am proud of myself I managed to do it using contacts, but I’m especially proud of Hilti – with our business model we manage to provide very good service for the customers.

Launch of all the solutions

4 years ago, Чехия

Final Steps

I am now at the very final stage of my project, and very happy to admit that within these months we have launched four solutions for different topics within our e-learning platform and prepared the infrastructure for the other two. This involved a lot of change management, cross-functional cooperation and team work. This is a very good result that we made it work. Thanks to the great team work the growth of the platform views grew more than 130% in these several months

Goodbye Hilti Czech Republic

4 years ago, Чехия

Final presentation

I needed to present the outcomes of my project to the directors of the Czech organisation and other key stakeholders. The goal for me was to show the work I’ve been doing on a very high level, and provide the guidance for the next steps. I have to admit, the presentation went very well – there was a lot of interest and I received very good feedback, as well as an excellent evaluation of my project. All of this happened only because of great colleagues and very good team work.