The program is full of opportunities to grow, mature, and learn for anyone who wants to grab them.

5 years ago, Russia

Making the most of it

Diving into sales, learning about the business model, being in contact with the clients, and seeing what we do for them, make you grow and mature in a year what would have otherwise taken 5. Sales was an invaluable experience, and I have been relying on it ever since. Once I transitioned to back office in HR, Finance and marketing, this experience has always followed me.

Not only does the program allow you to jump from one department to another but also from one country to another. You get to experience mature markets and emerging markets, experience the differences and the richness of the two,¬†and take it all back with you on the landing position. Today I’m in Russia, a country that is midway from mature and emerging : structured and organized but very dynamic with lots of opportunities to explore. I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.



Commercial Track, Alumni

  • Rotation 1:


  • Rotation 2:

    Onboarding Project Manager

  • Rotation 3:

    Performance Management Project

  • Rotation 4:

    3-day or free repair – Project Manager

  • Rotation 5:

    Landing Position

  • Making the most of it