I never thought I could contribute to the creation of a small gallery inside one of the most famous and old buildings of Rome, Palazzo Borghese, but I actually did!

3 years ago, RM


I’m  not an engineer so you can for sure imagine how I felt when I started this incredible adventure: happy, excited, curious,thrilled, full of energy but at the same time a little worried. That last feeling didn’t last long. As soon as I joined the company and found my self on the field I realized I wasn’t alone. As I like to say, I had an army of people standing right behind me that could get me where I needed if I couldn’t get there by self. This is one of the things that amazed me the most, how in this company everyone, doesn’t matter which position they are in and how long they have been here for, is willing to help you no matter what. In Hilti asking for help is not seen as a weakness, on the contrary, it shows you’re mature enough to realize where your current limits are. In this first year you can trust me when i say that i asked for help A LOT. It is thanks to this that I was able to learn so much and contribute to the creation of a small hidden gallery inside a load-bearing tough wall of an ancient building, that you can see in the picture. This particular project is one of the ones i’m most proud of because at the beginning it really seemed like a challenge that we were not going to be able to overcome but, thanks to an incredible teamwork, we managed to do it and with an even better result than expected!



Commercial Track, Year Two

  • Rotation 1:

    Account Manager – Building & Construction

  • Rotation 2:

    Project Specialist

  • Rotation 3:

    Project Specialist