After 3 months working with our project partner in Christchurch, it's time to come home before NZ closes its borders. I got the second last flight out of New Zealand before lockdown, happy to be home!

2 years ago, New Zealand

Flying home at the start of COVID19

Start of COVID in NZ, masks optional…

I spent January to March of 2020 working with the Hilti team in MO NZ and our project partners in Christchurch, Holmes Solutions, to define customer requirements and conduct early stage product developent.

2 years ago, New Zealand

MO NZ – requirements definition & early development

At Hilti, we put a strong focus on creating products, services and sowftware which adresses real and accute customer needs and pain points. Within a larger project focussing on creating a revolutionary new product for the construction industry, I was tasked with finding a solution adressing a sub application where we can apply the technology the core development team is busy perfecting.

To do this I spent some weeks on customer sensing, visiting customers on the north and south islands of NZ with our product manager, an expert in the applications, and our project partners. Once we jointly developed the requirements the new product would have to fulfil, we went into solution finding mode.

Rapid ideation and evaluation cycles, followed by flexible, efficient and prototyping capabilities are right up the alley of our project partners, Holmes Solutions. February and March were spent quickly testing and refining concepts, in preparation for the typical Hilti product development cycle to be conducted by the core project team down the road.

Of course whilst in NZ, I didn’t let the opportunity to explore the country pass me by, driving thousands of km to see many corners of both the south and north islands. My highlight was the Fjordland National Park, well worth a visit!

Completing my rotation in BU Screw Fastening, I investigated a business opportunity for the BU which is currently untapped. Travelling in the US and Canada to understand customer requirements for the application.

2 years ago, UT

Definition Project – Insulation/Sheathing to Steel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Success is celebrated at Hilti- after successfully shipping the first lot 4000 pieces of my very first product to make the launch wave in January, the project team headed to the Christmas markets in Bregenz to celebrate.

2 years ago, Austria

In order to check out what our competitors are launching in our most important market, the US, I headed off for the INTEX trade show in D.C. Meeting one of our most enthusiastic customers, TJ Wies, was definitely a highlight!

2 years ago, DC

Checking out the competition – INTEX Washington D.C.

When living in Happy Valley, skiing is a central part of the winter. Enjoying a sunny day in Montafon <3

2 years ago, St. Gallenkirch

Keeping it closer to home in COVID times, but still ensuring the voice of the customer is integrated solidly in the Insulation Application Leadership Strategy - covering our main markets, all app. steps, and getting the complete Hilti view.

2 years ago, France