The social responsibility project of building houses for the refugee families in Srebrenica, Bosnia is the highlight of my 2-year wonderful Outperformer Trainee journey.

5 years ago, Republika Srpska

Building House for a Better Future

It was a meaningful and unforgettable experience!

In June 2015, I participated in the Outperformer Global Summit II, collaborating with Bauern helfen Bauern(a NGO sponsored by Hilti Foundation). We went to Srebrenica (BiH), to build three houses for the local refugee families.

Before I arrived, Srebrenica, for me, meant nothing but a tiny point on Google maps

During the week, we visited the memorial center, the local music school and the refugee families. My tears couldn’t help falling when watching the documentary about that sad and horrible history. The purity the music school students’ eyes and the hospitality of local families left a deep impression. Due to the massacre in 1995 and flood in 2014, many people lost their houses. We came to help the local family to build wooden houses. Esad (1989), Sejia (1995) and their new born baby Sanela (May 2015) lived in a basement room with no water and no bathroom. The wooden house we built will give the family, and especially the baby the possibility to grow up in a safe and sound environment. Imagining the baby’s happy and healthy childhood, I put every nail on the floor and walls with the best wishes to the family.

What we did is limited while the things we learnt from Srebrenica people about sharing and being strong against difficulties are infinite. The meaning of this trip is not only about experiencing different cultures and having a positive impact on society, but also about observing myself, knowing how lucky I am, thus better live in the present and contribute more. Because of this trip, Srebrenica becomes a soft and unforgettable part in my heart.


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  • Building House for a Better Future
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