How I perceived the assessment center and my first days as an account manager: Great people help you grow!

6 years ago, Schweiz

Assessment center & starting from scratch…

When the day of the assessment center arrived I immediately felt what people said about Hilti. Apart from the performance that was of course required to pass, the assessors were truly interested in us, our personality and diverse backgrounds. I was really astonished how many managers from different market organisations came in to evaluate you and how much effort Hilti put into the whole recruiting process. Everyone of the candidates – regardless of passed or not passed – received a thorough feedback on each of the tasks. This gave me a true and important insight how feedback and individual learning is valued at Hilti. And honestly, the assessment center was fun. Apart from all competition and despite the diversity among the candidates, all seemed to have something in common that fitted which made these days a unique experience.

So what happened thereafter? A couple of months later, I joined Hilti as an account manager in Basel/Switzerland and dived deep into the core of Hilti’s DNA and its direct sales model. Although the first days were challenging, I could truly see myself develop within a completely new role. Retrospectively: quite impressive how fast you can actually grow and learn even in uncharted waters. In sales you get immediate response from the market, trail and error brought me forward day by day. What I really liked was the close and authentic customer relationship that I could build over time…Go and try it out!

After one year in sales, I was ready to jump into a completely new project field...and enjoy my first global summit in Liechtenstein

5 years ago, Schweiz

From Sales to HR

In my first project after the sales rotation I was responsible for the HR topic “flexible working arrangements” in Switzerland. Turning from an external customer perspective to a more internal one, was like a 360 degree move for me. I quickly learned how important it is to set up a change process and involve employees in projects affecting the corporate culture.

Well, the first global summit in Schaan brought us trainees altogether. We worked on great projects, received top-notch trainings and got to know the CEO and CFO of the Hilti Group…the week was full with new and interesting insights and fun!

One week full of trainings, presentations, discussions, fun...learning from the best @ IMD in Lausanne!

5 years ago, Schweiz

Next stop: Product management in Kaufering

5 years ago, Deutschland

Back to my roots in Bavaria

And then a couple of months later, I moved to the European headquarters in Kaufering and took on responsibility for new product introductions for the central European market. Soon after, in mid March 2017, the first train-the-trainer presentation of the launch and demo concept took place. The tool was ready for launch and the marketing materials followed in due time. Enriching for me were especially the insights on the local markets and the close collaboration between the product managers. What I like in the role of a product manager is the combination between analytical (e.g. business case calculations) and operational work (e.g. tool testing).

And by the way: Don’t forget to sign up for football on Mondays 17:00!

When I entered the Hilti office building on the 23rd floor of Torres de las Americas in Panama City for the first time,...

5 years ago, Provinz Panamá

Finance project with a view

…I was not only amazed by the view (which is indeed gorgeous), but in particular by the great people that helped me adapt quickly to the new environment! The project content has been very enriching for me so far.

Performing the international "art of football" with Hilti GMs and leaders...Vamos!

5 years ago, Provinz Panamá

What an experience - we built 4 houses for people in need, affected by the war in Srebrenica/Bosnia. Thank you @ Hilti Foundation!

5 years ago, Republika Srpska

And suddenly, the trainee program was over: Two years full of exciting moments, fruitful learnings, real project ownerships, top-notch trainings, amazing encounters, diverse perspectives, new cultural insights,... passed by so fast.

4 years ago, Frankreich

Landing Position Paris

When I was picked up from Paris Gare de l’Est and passing by the Seine and Eiffel Tower on my first day, I felt for the first time that a completely new chapter at Hilti had just begun. My new team welcomed me with a typical French breakfast with croissants in the morning.  Looking back now on the first weeks in my landing position, I can definitely say: Hilti in Paris is a great place to work. The people are very dynamic and have plentiful ideas to enrich the business. Very much looking forward to what is coming next in all the new digital opportunities related to my new position as a marketing project manager for asset management in Western Europe … What about my French? It will be a big challenge, but let’s get out of the comfort zone again and go for it 🙂

Snow in Paris - a slippery slope!

4 years ago, Frankreich

Snow in Paris

When I looked out of the window at the office, I saw that snow was beginning to cover the streets and trees. That point in time I completely underestimated what impact these tiny white flakes could have on the infrastructure of a city like Paris and surroundings. As a Bavarian I am used to snow in winter. But once the winter tires were attached to the cars that “bit” of snow was never a problem…in Bavaria. But what if basically no car, bus, truck has any winter tires, no winter road clearance exists, no emergency plans are set, mhhh. Literally, the whole mobility system (public and private) collapsed. No logistic system was basically functioning. Some colleagues took more than 12 hours getting back from work, slept in the cars,… I really wonder how often such incidences appear ? What is the financial impact on companies and society?  How could they be handled in former times without any remote working possibilities in companies :)?

Was interesting to experience working in a 100% digital team the next day. We had fun!


How to make a cross-European film in two weeks

4 years ago, Frankreich

„There is one more thing“

Right before the Easter weekend i was entrusted with a new and challenging task on top of my projects that I have been managing: making a short film on strategic topics with feedback from all European HUBs, to be delivered in two weeks for the market reach forum with all GMs, Marketing heads and Sales directors from all over the world in Paris. Possible ? At Hilti, it is possible! How to actually make a movie ? – honestly i had no clue but i got ignited by the idea. Recipe: watch movies over the weekend, think deep through their storylines, cutting ideas, camera perspectives, extract, adapt, develop story and push the START button: The first day after Easter, a cameraman (that had to be quickly organized) and i started recording in Paris – and yes, the interviewees had to be organized on short notice too – by the way, thanks to all of you guys! Rush. Next day Manchester. Rush. Next day Munich. Rush. Next day Milan. Recover– weekend. Rush. Next day, Brussels. Rush, next two days, France again, then, translating, selecting cutting, finetuning, finetuning – ready- go! Live.

Amazing experience

My visit to Brussels - the Hilti office alone is worth an application ;)

4 years ago, Belgien

Construction industry and digital ?

During my last visit to Belgium, I went to some of our customers to see how they manage their equipments digitally with our asset management solution. Yes, we can manage all their assets, not only Hilti tools. You would like to know more about what I do and Hilti? Click on my name and get in touch with me.

Thinking already a step ahead on what you can do after the outperformer program?

4 years ago, Frankreich

HQ western Europe in France

Did you wonder why I wanted to work in France after my trainee program ended?
Feel free to reach out, click on my name and contact me – we as (former) trainees are open to give you real insights on the projects we manage(d) and how you can proceed with your career after…one thing is certain: you are not left alone at Hilti.

Trainings on new products & services, to get ready for the last months of this year

4 years ago, Frankreich

Trainings, IoT & lunch with the Channels

After the trainings of the salesforce took place the week before, today was the training of the backoffice in France on the great new products and services that came out.
The focus of my presentation in the plenary session was on the integration of our products and services with the new version of the app Hilti Connect, our IoT Solution that helps solve tool-related problems of jobsite managers rapidly and digitally.

Check out more details from our BU head Tassilo Deinzer:

And yes, as you can see on the picture, the lunch we enjoyed outside with perfect Parisian weather ….


We will soon move into a new French headquarter. Benefitting from a great Parisian weather while kicking off the training with area sales managers.

3 years ago, Frankreich

Last sales training before historic move

Our new headquarters will be based in beautiful Boulogne-Billancourt, right next to Bois de Boulogne, Roland Garros and Parc de Princes. The center of Paris is not far away. It will be the new heart of Hilti France, the HUB Western Europe and the new global digital competence center. Nothing else but exciting times are awaiting us as this change marks a significant step in Hilti’s history. Small side-benefit for me: this move will allow me to walk to work within 5 minutes. Pure luck 🙂 How will the HQ look like? Like the neat one in Belux (see picture) ?

After summer break finished and all Hilti employees returned back to work, the summer wave with the training of the area sales managers took place this week in Magny-les-Hameaux for the last time. The booths allowed great insights into a new customer targeting approach, great new products and solutions and competition benchmark.

Can’t be better rounding off the day with a nice barbecue in the evening sun !!