Staying close to the end user helps you to develop and drive your business - regardless of the role you are in.

5 years ago, TX

Customers are the key

I spend a long time reading and studying about how to innovate, how to market and how to organizations create and maintain competitive advantage.

With Hilti this it the third continent I am working in and the key to success in all locations has been the same – stay close yor customers. Encounters with end users keep you on your toes, make you question and challange your own assumptions, and continuously push you to do better so that you can keep delivering value to our customers.

In addition, I really get a kick every time a customer tries out a new Hilti product and gives positive feedback. You can see that the work we do really has an impact on the customer and that is something that keeps you motivated day after day.

Getting exposure to different elements of the business helps you to succeed in your role after the program

5 years ago, TX

Program pays off

In addition to the cool elements of the program such as travelling and making new friends, one thing that for me personally has been a really big benefit that I am learning to value now is the possibility to work with so many great managers and leaders. Just today I was putting together a proposal for new service improvements in regards to our fleet management program. Having had the experince to work and learn from so many people during the last two years really helped me to focus on the things that matter, analyze and build a business case and summarize it in to a proposal. I could pretty much take advantage of each of the three projects that I did during the Outperformer program as well as my sales rotation.

Presenting tomorrow… wish me luck…

PS. In the picture my friend from back home was visiting and he wanted a pic with our motto – Go BIG!


Commercial Track, Alumni