July 2017, we just closed a great first 6 months with my team in Belgium, celebrating it all together. A good time to look back to the past 18 months and have a look at how things evolved for me.

5 years ago, Chaussée de Mons

Growing at lighting speed

I always loved challenges. Every time in the past, when given the occasion on taking on a new job, opportunity, professionally, privately, I always gave it a go and went with the flow ! Most of the time with quite some success and quickly filling in the expectations.

But at Hilti I was given the chance to grow, at the age of 25 years old, into a function of Sales Manager, leading a team of 10 sales reps, from 30 to 55 in age, with much more sales experience, technical background and strong personalities. For the first time I really understood what struggle meant. Coaching, developing, recruiting, having some tough discussions, building a team spirit, motivating, etc… on top of all the big accounts I was working on, talking to buyers from companies of 200+ people much beter than me in negotiating skills, made me freaked out in the first place. How to achieve this?

But it was the right choice and I don’t regret it, as Hilti doesn’t (I hope :D), and after almost 2 years I learnt so fast and so much, beyond everything I could have expected ! Only Hilti can provide you with such great opportunities. If you want to jump, they’ll give you this little push you need 😉


Commercial Track, Alumni

  • Rotation 1:

    Area Sales Manager

  • Growing at lighting speed
  • Rotation 2:

    Territory Sales Rep

  • Rotation 3:

    International Project in Shanghai, China

  • Rotation 4:

    HUB Project – Paris, France