If you give a lot, you'll get a lot. The program is a great enabler but it is still you who can draft the direction of it and decide what you want to get. Your proactiveness, you curiosity, you courage. The 2 years were a perfect start.

5 years ago, MI

Logistics from all angles.

I enjoyed my two years in the program and the time passed way too fast. Since I did the Logistics track, I went through all the functional areas. I am certainly not an expert in none of the functional areas but my understanding of Logistics within Hilti increased with each day I spend in the program. But also on personal level, I had the chance to experience Schaan, Germany and Manchester where I always met great people and different set of activities. In each location, I got always opportunities to develop and to contribute. The amount of exposure you get during the program was way beyond my expectations. I enjoyed enormously the diversity in each location.

My professional highlight was my involvement in the roll out of our Logistics strategy in 2015 to several markets. It was impressive to see how much time Hilti dedicates to get everyone on board and to commit to our common goals.

My personal highlight was our social project in Bosnia. It is a very beautiful country and the people are one of the best hosts I’ve ever experienced. They give so much even though they have so little. It makes you think about your own values in life and your own contribution to the society.

Now I am in my landing position, arrived in “real” life and I have still all those opportunities to grow & develop and my exposure didn’t decrease. You have still all those great & open-minded people around. Just in addition, you can finally settle down in this one place. So, the end of the program was not the end of all the chances but only the starting point of something new.


Logistics Track, Alumni

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    Materials Manager

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    Project Manager – Logistics Strategy roll out

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    Transport & Warehousing

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  • Logistics from all angles.