Great story that came out of a cold calls session

5 years ago, France

Lucky Day

I spent the first year of the Outperformer journey in Business Development in France, experimenting dozens of both thrilling and challenging experiences. Every single day a specific event would come up: you could never get bored. However, among all these memories and stories I got, some have marked my year more than others.

I especially remember this one time, when after quite a long day of work without much success I got stuck in traffic back home. The good news is that it was late: making calls after 6:30 pm in France is your best shot if you want to talk to managers and CEOs. Everybody starts leaving the office, so they can deal with their administrative stuff quietly. So I decided it was time for some cold calls. I chose this one client, who hadn’t been visited for 2 years, so we didn’t have much qualified information about him. From the info I got scrolling the internet though, it was a nice company which furthermore seemed to be in a really good shape… why wouldn’t them work with us? I called the TS who had been in charge for this account a couple of years ago, and he told me that he had never managed to see anyone there and that he had no further information to provide me with. My last chance was then… to find their phone number in the yellow pages. To be honest I wasn’t very confident about it, but I tried anyways, and … the CEO in person picked up the phone! Why? Simply because the secretary had gone and he was bothered by the phone ringing … I couldn’t be happier He was quite surprised and not extremely excited by my call, hence gave me a provisional appointment one month from there, assuring me that he would probably cancel it: it not very convincing.

We indeed rescheduled a couple of times. But I hold on to it and finally made it to his office.

We then had one of the best management meeting I ever had until then: he had never heard of Fleet Mangement, ON!track, and all the services attached to our products. It took us long, but we covered all the topics and he simply loved it: he understood all the benefits he could get from an extensive partnership with us, and couldn’t believe he hadn’t heard about it before. Recording that meeting would have made an amazing promotional video 😉

Two months later, this client had signed a Master Fleet + ON!track contract covering all of his assets and negotiations about inserts had started. And it was just the beginning…

Besides the happiness I got from discovering and taking part in such nice story, I feel like this type of event is the reason why working in Business Developemnt at Hilti is so great. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it hard, sometimes it takes a little bit of luck as well, but we have such great story telling that if you don’t give up, you can only succeed!!

Kick starting 2018 in Liechtenstein!

4 years ago, Liechtenstein

Fresh Start

2018 starts with a great deal of change : new rotation, new country and new team 😊

I’m swapping indeed cloudy Paris and Hilti France for snowy Schaan and Hilti HQ, where I will have the opportunity to conduct an exciting project on our Strategy Review in Corporate Development.


Moving to Liechtenstein does not only implies changing roles and teams, it’s above all my chance to make the most of the ski season by living closer than ever to the slopes!


Looking forward to those both quiet and intense 6 months before my next move!


Commercial Track, Year Two

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    Business Development – Sales

  • Lucky Day
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    Project Manager – Digital Brand

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    Project Manager – Corporate Development (Strategy)

  • Fresh Start