My first month at Hilti have been full of impressions. A big thanks to all my colleagues who welcomed me warmly!

4 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

My start at Hilti

My first month at Hilti have been full of impressions.

My first rotation is in the Lean Manufacturing Team in Plant Schaan. Before jumping into strategic projects, my manager and I decided to get to know the plant better by working on the shopfloor. I spent two weeks ‘working’ on different machines! I was great to get this deep insight into our production technology.

Another highlight was getting to know my colleagues. I was warmly welcomed and soon realized that besides everyone’s drive to perform, there is always time to help each other out or start an expert talk about Skitouring, Mountain Biking or Hiking.

My first real projects were in Innovation and Logistics. I liked that mix because my Innovation project was strategic while the logistics project was intense hands-on materials management with lots of problems to solve.

For reaching CHF 5 bn in sales, the executive board served free lunch to everyone at the Headquarter and owner Michael Hilti served cake. Nice gesture! *In the background, yummy carrot salad served by CEO Christoph Loos.

4 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

-What do you need to grow?

4 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

Why Hilti?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions and you might ask yourself the same question. Therefore, I would like to provide my answer here.

In fact, I have never been in touch with Hilti (except for using one) during my studies. Having a background in Industrial Engineering (Major in Mechanical Eng.; Minor in Chemical Eng.), I had no particular focus on construction industry. During my master thesis, I came to the conclusion that for me, culture matters more than industry. Therefore, I started looking for companies with a good reputation for developing people. I found a number of companies and getting in touch with these companies helped me to get a glimpse of the company culture.

During the application process, Hilti stood out as an authentic people orientated company.

Today, 11 month into the job, I can only underline Hilti’s “Family-Performance” Culture.

Christoph Loos (CEO) and Sabine Krauss (Head of Global HR) announced the 2017 business results and gave an update about Diversity & Inclusion at Hilti. Great to see that D&I initiatives go both bottom up and top down and create impact.

4 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

Last year, Hilti acquired Øglænd Systems, a leading supplier of multidiscipline support systems. During the post merger integration, I got the chance to work on a supply chain project. Last week was my first trip to Norway. :)

4 years ago, Norwegen


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