It’s a time of conflicting emotions. It’s time to say goodbye to the Outperformer Program and start my “first real job” as a regional product manager in Central Europe.

5 years ago, Deutschland

Transition to landing position after the Outperformer Program

I look back at my time in the Outperformer Program with a smile on my face from all the good memories, but also with a feeling of nostalgia rising from leaving the safe community of fellow Outperformers – all the time thinking “wow, has it really been 2 years already?”. It’s been a rollercoaster of different positions in sales, finance and marketing starting in Denmark and finishing at the other end of the world in Chile. It’s been challenging, fun, exciting and rewarding.

Now it’s time to look forward to the next step – my landing position, aka “my first real job” in Hilti. I have been so lucky as to land a job as a Regional Product Manager for installation systems in our Central Europe regional headquarters near Munich. First feeling is utter excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. I made it thus far, and I landed the perfect position. But the closer it comes to reality the feeling of apprehension sneaks up on me. I know we are supposed to jump a few steps and assume high responsibility roles after the program… but am I really ready for this? This is a 3 digit million-euro business that I am now responsible for!!!

A few months into the role, the apprehension has left me and the answer is… I guess I am! I still get questions every day that I have no clue how to answer. But, I also have great colleagues around me, who are willing to help and support whenever needed. And I am given the faith and freedom to make my own decisions and run the business my way. So, the state of mind that best describes this moment is: confidence!

(ask me again in a few months, and it might have changed to complete panic, but hey… anything else would be boring, right?)

I have finally started in my first management role, where I actually manage people, and I am over the moon about it. It is super fulfilling and also quite overwhelming to know that I am responsible for the succes and development of others.

4 years ago, Danmark

I get my own team!

After 2 years in our central European HUB located just outside of Munich in the role of regional product manager, I have moved back “home” to Denmark and have been promoted to what we call PLS Manager  – one of these abbreviations nobody outside of Hilti, and to be honest even few people within Hilti, understands – so let’s call it Head of Product Management. I basically manage a team of product managers who each are responsible for parts of our product portfolio.

This is my first people management position, and I have been very clear that this is the direction I wanted to go in. And now I’m in it, and I think “will I even be a good manager?” My superiors and mentors obviously think I can be, otherwise they wouldn’t have helped me get this far. So I choose to believe them and launch myself into the role with all I have. I mean, why wouldn’t I be good at it? I have a bit of a Pippi Longstocking apporach to new things: “I haven’t tried that before, so I’m sure I can do it”.

So far, I love it. The role is exciting, challenging, demanding and fun. And I also enjoy being back in my home country. Let’s see how long it takes before it itches in me to go abroad again? 🙂


Commercial Track, Alumni