My first months at Hilti before hitting the road in my Hilti Van!

8 months ago, Chile

Adéu Barcelona, Bring it on Santiago!

Having recently finished my MBA at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, I felt anxious to start this new adventure with Hilti, through the Outperformer Program. After months of interviews, meetings and the famous assessment center, I finally arrived in Santiago, Chile to begin my first rotation as an Account Manager. Never had I imagined that I would be selling power tools and the challenges I would be encountering in the upcoming months in a country I had never been to.

As soon as I arrived I was integrated into a Sales Team that has been crucial in my training and understanding of the Hilti culture. Furthermore, I was welcomed by senior management who presented the business context and challenges to face, unveiling the strategic importance of my development for Hilti. I was greatly surprised by the willingness to help and openness of every member of the organization, as well as the exposure I would have within my rotations.

Our sales process is a key differential aspect from the competition, these last weeks I have been immersed in the Hilti Culture and products to guarantee I will be ready to assist clients properly. I have joined colleagues on van rides, visiting many different types of clients and assisting in multiple product demonstrations. Having no experience in Sales nor the Construction Industry, I have learnt so many things I’m extremely motivated to hit the road on my own and start creating value for the company.

The excitement of closing deals, learning that the product I helped to sell is giving clients great benefits, and the hands-on training with tools, were the highlight of my first month in training in Hilti. Currently, I’m in Mexico City where I have traveled to continue my sales development with a 2-week intensive course with fellow colleagues from throughout the region.

In the months to come, I will have my own clients to visit, developing business relations that generate lasting value for Hilti. The effort, training and guidance from colleagues and management will for sure pay off, all I can say is: Adéu Barcelona, it was a pleasure; Bring it on Santiago!

Looking back at what the 2017 Outperformer Summit was...

6 months ago, Liechtenstein

Global Outperformer Summit 2017

It has been a couple of weeks since I got back from our first Outperformer Summit, where not only was I able to interact with many people in the organization with such interesting backgrounds, but I was finally able to meet face to face with the different Outperformers from all over the world with whom I had been working with virtually the last couple of months.

In this super intense week, packed with simulations and roleplays, leadership seminars and heated discussions, we were able to grasp the importance of the Hilti Headquarters and our role (and responsibility) as future leaders of this company. The exposure to senior leaders and the executive board, who were all very patient to answer ALL of our questions, were glimpses of the level of importance this Summit has for the development of talent at Hilti.

I must confess it wasn’t all work at our week in Schaan… We were toured around the city and closed every night with amazing dinners where we all shared our experiences and our learnings from the day. During the closing weekend, we all gathered in Zürich and said our farewells until we meet next time in June 2018.

After this week, I have fully digested the importance of every rotation I will undergo to become a leader in the organization. It has also fueled my motivation to keep working to reach my full potential as a professional and to positively impact others in the organization.

Without giving too much details, I can confess it has been a truly UNBELIEVABLE experience.



With Sander Verberne, holding our Hilti 2016 Financial Results book with an amazing scenery.

Reflection on my first 6 months in the Outperformer program!

4 months ago, Chile

My Hilti team!

Its been 6 months since I moved to Santiago to start my journey in Hilti and as I look back, I reflect on the different elements that have helped me adapt to Chilean life. Without a doubt, the support from different people in the company, trainings and mentorship have contributed, but the KEY group of people has been my team (BC-2).

Many new things have risen through my first rotation and their support, patience, motivation and good sense of humor have made everything much easier. I have learnt to rely on them and support them with anything I can, as we hit the streets every day…

Nonetheless I must confess that not everything has been work & sales. Every week we meet up with different colleagues in the organization and play football. It has been an amazing way for me to meet more people in the company, release tension and have fun!

Football Match: Hilti 3 – Client 2

Planning, organizing and measuring impact of a company event.

2 months ago, Chile

Accepting new challenges!

This month I had the opportunity to plan and organize a company event aimed at engaging clients and fostering collaboration within the organization. Personally this was a completely new experience for me where besides planning and coordinating the activity, I was empowered to take decisions and manage stakeholders’ interests as I considered best. By doing so, I was able to enhance my exprience in event/project management, manage communications, analyze social media interactions and most importantly with many colleagues with whom I had sporadic interactions.

The learning experience in the Outperformer Program is constant, we just have to be open to accept new challenges and give it our best shot!


Commercial Track, Year One