Wow… after a year “in the red car” the farewell to my main customers actually wasn’t that easy. I am rotating now to my first project assignment and when doing the handover to my successor many clients thanked me for the good relationship.

6 years ago, Deutschland

My time as a Technical Sales representative

Once more I realized that in Sales there is always both the professional and the emotional side of the business. Also, having my “fresh” successor at my side, I felt transported back in time for one year when I was new and these very customers and their businesses (and parts of the Hilti business also!) felt completely alien to me. Coming from university, it was definitely a challenge to jump “into the field”. Suddenly I had to deal with specifics of tools from little battery drills through measurement lasers to huge demolition hammers or diamond drills, all kinds of anchors from mechanical bolts to chemical ones, firestop, installation systems, not to mentions services, training and software. Next to that, I had to get to know a diverse range of clients. Being in industry trade, I had the chance to gather inside into all kind of client firms, from the three-person craftmen business to big power plants or manufacturing firms. I hadn’t been aware that all these kinds of businesses had their own maintenance, installation, assembly or projects where they needed our products. And also there was the side of getting to know the processes of a highly effective direct sales and technical consultation cohort. And of course my colleagues, starting with my very team (whom I poked with questions on all the above mentioned issues a loooooooot in the beginning!), to individuals all across the Hilti value chain (Customer service, logistics, credit management, fleet management, Hilti store representatives, preparation center…).

So, a lot to digest at the beginning. Now, after this year (which feels like having gone by in an instant) I really see the point of why they send us to the front: No PowerPoint slide or any good efforts trying to explain it would have made me understand how diverse the core of Hilti’s business is: its direct sales model. This year was rich of experiences, full of ups (the feeling of a landing a big sale is unique to sales people / the feeling of actually helping people in a technical training or seeing your suggestions implemented is also kind of nice…) and downs (when no one wants to see you, because seemingly all customers are either on vacation or too busy deputizing their colleagues / when you have lunch all alone and your phone friends don’t answer / flat tire / speeding ticket…). All these experiences will always stick to my memory and will accompany me on my further Hilti path. Find a few impressions below.


Here’s the prototype of my Hilti-powered longboard using an SF6-A 22 Volt drilldriver. It’s a simple mechanical connection (now also including a “neutral gear”) with the plus that you can take the drive off with one grip.

6 years ago, Deutschland

Hilti sparks creativity!

That way, you can ride uphill powered by Hilti and then take the tool off for a downhill ride in classic longboard mode:

Super excited as we just had the final project presentation in front of our CFO Joerg Kampmeyer as well as global HR heads - it went well!

5 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

After a great week at the IMD business school, I went on on vacation to climb in the south of France. Always with me - the IMD bottle we recived as a gift that you see in the picture. Some of the glued-in bolts had a red-ish color...

5 years ago, Frankreich

My last project brought me to Panama - Hilti's Latin America headquarter! After the first day it feels like it's exactly what I wanted - exotic, tropical, latin vibe, cool city, amazingly warm and kind people! Here the view from the office

5 years ago, Panama City

In my second week in the Panama office, colleagues took me to the stadium, where I could witness the victory that had the Panama team enter the worldcup for the first time in history!

5 years ago, Calle 121 Este

Soccer mania in Panama!

It was crazy to see all the emotions, the tears and the incredible fiesta that was started spontaneously! Thank you Hilti for yet another unique experience!

When Jonas - who had finished his rotation in Panama three weeks ago and since had been travelling through Latin America - had a stopover on his return it was a chance for a nice reunion. Next time please book it on a weekend, though! ;)

5 years ago, Provinz Panamá

Two months after the Social Summit in Bosnia, I had another chance to visit the region - this time in the scope of my project.

5 years ago, Glavni grad Podgorica

Return to the Balkans

It was not even two months ago that we built the houses in Srebrenica (Bosnia) in the scope of the social project with the Hilti Foundation. I would not have dreamed that I would visit the region again so soon. But in the Outperformer Program, chances come fast.

On my project in Panama I realized that in many regards, some Latin American countries face the same challenges as some Ex-Yugoslavian countries (such as relatively small market potential, difficult market environment in terms of the Hilti value proposition, customs borders etc.). This realization was thanks to an input presentation by the head of the Subregion and the GM of Bosnia on our last day in Bosnia. So I reached out to them and they invited me to an experience exchange (I was to Europe anyway for vacation). That way I was able to visit the regional headquarters in Italy to meet with various colleagues from different functions and go to two small market organizations, Albania and Montenegro, to see the daily Sales routines. The photo was taken on a jobsite in Montenegro. Once again I was amazed how open the colleagues from all over the world are. In addition, it was incredible to see that the Hilti business somehow is the same all over the globe – passionate Hilti Account managers going to customers on jobsites to give technical consultation and show the newest innovation -, just adapted to different market environments – such as a focus on those products that fit the local needs. Now I am back to Latin America transferring the learnings from my trip to this region.

When it rains in Panama - where I am currenty on my last project rotation - it really rains. However - the temperature is still constant around 30°C and you can be sure that latest after two hours the sun is out again!

4 years ago, Panama City

The office is getting ready for Christmas! For me quite an unusual experience with 30° C (almost 90° F) outside... :)

4 years ago, Panama City

My project offers me the chance to get to know the region Hilti Latin America a bit. Right now I am on my way back from a very interesting, productive and - as you can see - yummy trip to Costa Rica!

4 years ago, Provinz San José

Pura vida en Costa Rica!

Just two weeks ago I was to Peru (unfortunately the photo below got quite blurry, but of course nice dinners were part of it as Peru is very famous for its cousine).

As I am running a strategic project how to make the partner business more effective over here, these exchanges with the local markets are very valuable.

Old and new can be very close in Panama – like here, when visiting the ruins of the original settlement of Panama city

4 years ago, Vía Cincuentenario

Celebrating crossing the magical line of 5 billion CHF in global Sales with the team in Panama. High Five!

4 years ago, Panama City

Last photo after presenting the results of my project to the Latin American partner team. Thanks for the hat and an incredible time!

4 years ago, Panama City

Having a great time with the new candidates for the traineeship at the Assessment Center! Suit up for some tool testing!

4 years ago, Hiltistraße

2 years after I met my friend Thomas for the first time at the assessment center for the Outperformer program, I am at his wedding. Thanks for the great party and all the best to you, buddy!

4 years ago,


4 years ago, Österreich