My first year of the global trainee program is coming to an end. While memories are still fresh it’s a good moment to reflect on this experience.

2 years ago, Lietuva

A glimpse of my year as an Account Manager

As it often happens, it seems that this year flied very fast but when you look back at it so many things have happened during the year. My year started with a Kick-off and marketing wave in Riga where for the first time I got to know my new colleagues in MO Baltics in quite an informal environment. This encouraging start was then followed by a couple of months of learning and adaptation mode where I was focusing on getting to know my clients, getting to know the products and basically just understanding what this job is about. Nevertheless, from day one I had close to 300 customers to take care of, therefore responsibility was there from the very beginning. This is when I found out what a strong support is my Hilti team and that the best way of learning is by doing!

This year was just enough to understand what this caring culture is about. BTS training in Moscow, negotiation skills training, multiple marketing waves abroad, sales meetings, coaching sessions, field days. Most of these focusing on the development of us — Hilti employees. It would be really hard to name other company that would invest so much into its employees’ development. Each of these events would raise my motivation and competence for the following months, helping me feel more confident with the clients and as a result adding more value to them.

I’ve also had the opportunity to represent Hilti at a career fair in my alma matter Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Some years ago I was wandering around the university corridors myself looking at different stands of various companies searching for international experience. Therefore, I was very glad to speak there on behalf of Hilti and present awesome opportunities available at the company to students in whose shoes I was standing myself not that long ago.

Last but not least, like a cherry on the top was the Global Outperformer Summit in Schaan, Liechtenstein. After months of online collaboration with other trainees on our simulation project we finally all met in Schaan for a week to get to know each other, to meet executive managers and learn even more about the company. This week for sure broadened the horizon of limitless career opportunities at Hilti. It was definitely one of the best moments of the year which even now, months after the event, easily puts a smile on my face remembering it.

Concluding my year as an Account Manager, there were many ups and downs, many happy and stressful moments, some wins and losses. And this is exactly what I believe will make me stronger for the future career endeavors.

My second step of the trainee program – marketing project in our local Hilti Baltics hub in Riga, Latvia.

2 years ago, Rīga

My very first marketing experience

The switch from the field and being an account manager to working in the office for marketing is indeed interesting. You need to focus on a specific group of products now and develop a strategy for selling that particular group of products. However, to large extent you still identify yourself as an account manager because the experience is so recent. Having this is very valuable and lets you easily put yourself back into the shoes of AM and thus come up with something that would be down-to-earth and easily adaptable in the field.

First days in Hilti Eastern Europe hub in Moscow.

2 years ago, Rusija

Moving to the Regional Hub

Right after the long public holidays happening every May in Russia I arrived at our biggest Hilti office in Eastern Europe. Joining only a few months old Solutions Selling team was exciting. After the first week was over I have had already been in contact with our Solutions Selling colleagues in Germany, adding international flavor to this regional project and promising some great cooperation in the future.

First few months were really full of learning – new products, new approaches and quite different customers of a significantly different market. Also, some new creative ways to test our products:

And on the free time:

Somewhere midway through the project I had a chance to visit our German colleagues in Kaufering for a few days of experience exchange and workshops. The newest technologies are used in the construction industry too!

Building a better future in Bosnia

2 years ago, Bosnija ir Hercegovina

A week in Srebrenica

As part of the Outperformer trainee program we get a chance to participate in a social project in Bosnia. Due to Bosnian war that happened between the 1992 and 1995 a lot of people suffered, many got displaced and never returned to their homeland. Hilti, collaborating with other non-profit organisations, comes to Bosnia every year to build houses for the people that still feel the consequences of the war.

Together with fellow trainees we spent a week in Bosnian countryside where we built four houses for four families in need. This was a really rewarding experience which not only made us realise what a terrible and tragic conflict it was, but brought us all much closer as a team while working together on a noble goal.