There is a famous poem by Robert Frost about the 'road less traveled;' in my case my journey to Hilti quite literally started by choosing to take one of two paths back home from a lecture.

11 months ago, Hong Kong

Always Be Up For Something New

I stumbled upon a career event being hosted by Hilti at my university by complete chance. Two of Hilti’s senior logistics managers had come to the UK to host the session and share the possibilities of a career through the Outperformer Program. It was a great opportunity to hear directly from senior leadership about their thoughts on the company vision, strategy and the construction industry. What was strikingly different about Hilti from day one was the level of support; even during the initial application submission stages.

What followed next were months of evaluations (phone interviews, case studies, online assessments, etc.) that were challenging as well as engaging. All interviewers were experts in their  respective fields and did their best to challenge you with interesting questions; but also always put you at ease to ensure it was a beneficial exercise for both parties. I was later informed that I would be invited to an assessment center in Hong Kong!


Logistics Track, Year Two

  • Year 1, Rotation 1:

    Developing an Onboarding Platform in Schaan

  • Year 1, Rotation 2:

    Executing a Transport Tender in Hong Kong

  • Year 1, Rotation 3:

    3PL Transport Operations in Sydney

  • Year 1, Rotation 4:

    Supply Chain Operations for Australia

  • Year 1, Rotation 5:

    Strategic Marketing Project for Asia Region

  • Year 1, Rotation 6:

    Managing a Regional Materials Portfolio for Northern Europe