Paris in lockdown

3 weeks ago, Frankrike

How this time (cheesy enough) have made me appreciate the small things and strengthen my resilience.

As the world is unravelling around us in the unsusual year of 2020, I am approaching the end of the Outperformer journey. It has been two hectic, developing and fun years, living in two bags and constantly on the move but with a truly multifaceded bank of professional experiences.

As Macron announced new lockdowns in Paris some weeks back, I am coping with the new experience of filling out a form to be allowed to go to the supermarket, and spending a majority of my spare time on the couch with a book.  In the greater scheme, I am grateful for the fact that I have a job and that I have been able to relocate throughout my rotations. Now I am looking forward to finalizing the plans for landing position. Although it is still not finalized where I will move by end of January, I am convinced that with the options we are discussing, it will be an exciting new step!