Sales at Hilti means a lot of effort. We are consultants rather than door to door sellers and this requires patience, active listening, resiliency and passion. Indeed at Hilti we are passionate, especially about our unique culture.

5 years ago, RE

From a student to an Account Manager: many challenges, huge passion, unique culture

The first time I heard about Hilti Outperformer was during Spring 2016. I was looking for a job and I found the program on Bocconi University’s Job Gate. I was immediately impressed by the opportunity – the different rotations together with the best in class training are definitively unique.

After a first round of interviews with HR and a senior manager, I was invited on a ‘field ride’ to experience a day in the life of a Hilti sales consultant. It was during that day that I understood how formative my sales rotation would have been.

Notwithstanding the importance of the first steps of the selection process, I believe it was the final Assessment Centre in June 2016 that helped me to understand that Hilti is the company I wanted and I want to work for. Seriousness, reliability, a strong people-performance oriented culture and huge passion were the first characteristics I recognized and I continue to recognize at our firm. The assessment was challenging, with different exercises that were aimed at truly outstanding candidates. At the end of the assessment day, a precise, clear and structured feedback was provided to each candidate and I knew I was one of the new Outperformers 2016.

I started my field experience in September 2016 with a first month of field coaching by the other members of my sales team. They explained many things about the company and our strategy, the daily activity and, in general, the Italian market. After nine months, I consider some of them my friends besides my colleagues and, at the end of this first rotation, I’m sure I’m going to miss them.

After the initial field coaching I took part in the so called “BTS” – our Basic Training Seminar. It was a 3-week comprehensive learning journey, with a basic introduction to our business, products, services and sales techniques. During the seminar, I met people that would have covered many different roles – Account Manager, Hilti Store Representative, Field Engineer, Marketing Internship and so on. Again, some of them became my friends besides simply my colleagues.

At the end of this first induction, I started my activity as Account Manager. Fast paced and challenging, emotionally intense and tiring. Overall? One of the best experiences of my life.

Here on field every day is a new challenge. Customers want the best product, at the best price, with the best availability and at the best payment conditions. In addition, they want the best Account Manager. And you should smile, also if it’s raining outside and you are behind with your sales. And you should not to be scared about approaching new customers with new products and innovative services.

Here on field life is hard but it is where I’m learning that if you have the right approach and you have passion for what you do, no obstacle can stop you. Because at Hilti we are passionate. We are passionate about our products. We are passionate about our customers. We are passionate about our colleagues. But most of all, we are passionate about our unique culture.

Indeed, Integrity, Courage, Teamwork and Commitment are the drivers of every action of our global team. And we are proud of that.

During the week 13-19 November, the OUTPERFORMER Class 2016/2017 had the opportunitity to participate in one of the most awaited events for every trainee: the Global OUTPERFORMER Summit! One word to describe it? A-M-A-Z-I-NG!!!

4 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

In November 2016 (long time ago ;)) I was part of the delegation that represented Hilti @ CEMS Career Forum in Vienna! What a great experience with a multi-cultural, young, enthusiastic team! Proud to be part of this incredible family!

4 years ago, Welthandelsplatz 1

New project, new challenges, new unforgettable moments. What a better way to understand our customers' potential (HRP) than through Workshops with our Salesforce?

4 years ago, MI

One of the most unforgettable experiences of my life! Building a better future - a wooden house for a lovely Bosnian family :)

4 years ago, Bosnia ed Erzegovina

One week at IMD Business School in Lausanne for understanding and meditating on the impact we as #Outperformers can have on ourselves, our company, the people around us and the entire society!

4 years ago, Chemin de Bellerive

3° Global Summit – IMD Lausanne

It’s really difficult to describe the learning and emotional journey we had together. 

One week at IMD Business School in Lausanne for understanding and meditating on the impact we as Outperformers can have on ourselves, our company, the people around us and the entire society!

Wow Hilti Group: you do not stop to surprise us. What a great opportunity – will always bring this journey in my head and my heart.

A special thanks to Eivind Slaaen Silvia Campana Ina Toegel Walter Giardiello and all the faculty staff that carefully guided us through this unforgettable experience!

IMD Leadership development program – a comprehensive learning journey with IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, designed to expand participant’s thinking about Hilti and his role as an emerging leader. Covering a wide range of modules, like Strategy Thinking, Finance, Execution and Global Leadership, it’s a combination of online, classroom and outdoor training – some individual and some in teams – with a qualification from IMD.



Commercial Track, Year Two