A journey to discover a great company and a great family

5 years ago, Colombia

Proud of being part of Hilti family!!!

Recently I finished my MBA at Texas Christian University in Fort Wort, Texas – USA. For me was important to find the perfect job and company. People may say there is not a perfect job. A perfect job is not one without problems or challenges; it’s one where I feel valued, challenged, appreciated, with opportunities to growth, one that I share the same values and goals and the most important, being part of a family.

This is my story at Hilti, after an MBA I felt anxious to start this new adventure, sometimes I worried about the new challenges it will come. In the Hilti Outperformer program, everything is a new challenge. Moving to a new country, learning about a different industry, construction tools, construction and about the unique and powerful way to do business. I am not talking about B to B sales, but about their great corporate culture.

That corporate culture makes Hilti a special place to work, we truly live our values, we are caring about others inside and outside the company. We are a big team and from the first day I felt part of a family!

On my second day in the company, Michelle Hilti was visiting the office in Colombia, that shows the strong connection between the corporate office and the local offices, the alignment in terms of goals and values.

During my second month, I spent 2 weeks in Mexico City as part of the first rotation training as Account Manager, learning more about the company, the way we do business, the culture and about our products. Being able to use most of our tools was a great experience. But something that was unique, was that all the people, that were assisting to that training, immediately we felt like old friends. We are part of a caring family.

In general, I was greatly surprised by the willingness to help and openness of every member of the organization, from to managers to colleges, and the exposure I would have within my rotations.

I am excited for the great experience it will be this 2 years of rotation, one year in sales as Account Manager in Colombia, then 3 months’ project here in Bogota, then moving to Panama our local Headquarter and finally another 3 months somewhere in the world for another project. And everything in a different business area, this is truly a learning trip.

Excited for the next months, participate first in a global summit Liechtenstein in November with all the other Outperformers, our social travel building houses in Bosnia and our training trip in Lausanne at the IMD Business School.

I’m happy to be part of Hilti family!!!!



Commercial Track, Alumni