During the first weeks at Hilti, you get a deepdive into the products and sales at the Hilti Sales Academy. This is a great start to get to know your colleagues!

6 years ago, Leeuwenhoekstraat

During the yearly Christmas dinner our partners get invited to also thank them for their contribution to Hilti and spend some time alltogether.

5 years ago, Nederland

Three times per year Hilti launches new product. The account managers receive intensive product training to be able to offer our customers the best solutions. This is me trying one of latest innovations.

5 years ago, Leeuwenhoekstraat

Productivity comes from happy and healthy employees. One way Hilti Netherlands is helping with this is to offer weekly boot camp classes with the Hilti Healthclub. Staying in shape while meeting your colleagues in another setting.

5 years ago, Hoogoorddreef

Last week was the official closing of my year as account manager at Hilti with my sales team. Thanks to all my colleagues for the challenging year and the great learning experience.

5 years ago, Hoogoorddreef

Today we had historic moment. For the first time ever in company history we passed the 5 billion sales mark. Time to celebrate!

5 years ago, Feldkircher Strasse

Together with our Head of HR, I held a presentation on the social media strategy of Hilti Netherlands for a group of marketing students.

5 years ago, Oosterdokskade

During the yearly CEMS Career Forum, I represented Hilti at the booth to tell students why I joined the company. Always fun to catch up with students and other Outperformers. This is actually one of the few moments I wear the red shirt ;-)

5 years ago, Corvinus University of Budapest

After 15 months with Hilti Netherlands it was time to say goodbye to the red car and start in Germany with my first international assignment as part of the Outperformer Program: Junior Product Manager Drilling & Demolition Central Europe

4 years ago, Leeuwenhoekstraat

January marks the start of my project in the regional headquarters in Kaufering (close to Munich, Germany). The region is comprised of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Poland with their own local offices.

4 years ago, Hiltistraße

Back to school! Part of the Outperformer Program is Executive Education at IMD Lausanne, one of the top business schools for Executive Education. We took courses about Strategy, Finance and Digital.

4 years ago, Chemin de Bellerive

For my regional project I will be lauching these two babies in central Europe. This means a major update to our breaker portfolio so everyone is extremely excited. Let's bring this to the market!

4 years ago, Hiltistraße

It is great to see that all offices are Hilti branded – also our office in Germany.

4 years ago, Hiltistraße

In March 2018, a group of Hilti young professionals participated in the Intercompany Wintersport 2018. Diederik (another Outperformer) and I initiated and organized the trip. This was a week to never forget.

4 years ago, Oostenrijk

Every year, Hilti Netherlands employees particpate in Spinning for Sophia, a 3-hour spinning marathon to raise funds for charity.

4 years ago, Van Zandvlietplein

The network that you build within the Outperformer Program is invaluable. The program is truly global so you will come across a fellow Outperformer somewhere. This time I met Rahul in Amsterdam.

4 years ago, Bellamyplein

An important part of launching new products is to know what your products are and how competition is doing. Therefore, we do extensive testing to define our unique selling points and how we can add value for the customer.

4 years ago, Hiltistraße

Never could I have imagined that I would be able to build a house from scratch within 5 days. Last week it happened. With our group of 20 trainees we had the opportunity to live up to the Hilti’s core purpose of “Building a better future”.

4 years ago, Bosnië en Herzegovina

Building a better future in Bosnia

Never could I have imagined that I would be able to build a house from scratch within 5 days. Last week it happened. With our group of 20 trainees we had the opportunity to live up to the Hilti’s core purpose of “Building a better future” by working with the Hilti Foundation in Bosnia. Together, we built 3 houses for families in need in Srebrenica, a region in which the traces of the recent war are still visible everywhere: Destroyed houses without windows and doors and high poverty. The Hilti Foundation is working with the Austrian organization Farmers Helping Farmers to give tangible support by building them houses. Experiencing the kindness and gratefulness of the family was priceless.

Servus Hilti Deutschland. In six months, we have prepared everything for the launch of several updates to Hilti's breaker portfolio, ready to be launched in the Central Europe markets this September. Looking forward to seeing the result!

4 years ago,

At the start of my international rotation in Singapore, I visited Shanghai for a 3-day workshop with our Asia Region Finance Head, Singapore Head of Finance and local MO China team. We are launching WeChat Pay in China in the next 3 months.

4 years ago, Shanghai

4 years ago,

MO Singapore has a CSR committee that organizes multiple activities during the year. The Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped supports visually handicapped in getting a job. Their masseurs came to the office for massages.

4 years ago, Hilti

The All Employees Meeting is organized every second month. All MO Singapore employees gather at office to get an update on the company financial status and a strategy update by the General Manager Gavin.

4 years ago, Hilti

Every year, Hilti Singapore hosts the Hilti Cup for its clients. In this edition 32 teams participated in a World Cup schedule. A fun way to connect with colleagues and clients outside of the working environment.

4 years ago,

Being at the HQ in Schaan is a good opportunity to catch up with people. We always try to catch up with trainees if someone is around for a coffee at the Barista.

4 years ago, Hilti

In every rotation, there will be opportunities to do something extra that was not in the original job scope. Here, I am introducing the Shopfloor meeting, well-known from Lean practices, to the Finance team in MO Singapore.

4 years ago, Hilti

Every month we pick a Friday to go for afterword drinks with colleagues - TGIF!

4 years ago, Singapore

Birthdays are celebrated in the office with cake and coffee. Happy birthday to our colleagues!

4 years ago, Hilti