Ready, Set, Go!

3 years ago, Nendeln

Moving to Switzerland

For the first month I will be living in a temporary housing provided by the company in Sevelen, Switzerland. This will give me enough time to look for my future apartment 🙂


BU Measuring Development Team - Mechanics & Optics group

3 years ago, Nendeln

Starting in Schaan

First week at the office was really great. I was warmly welcomed by my mentor, and I have my agenda full with introduction meetings. I will get to know my colleagues and the projects they are working on. In parellel I am being onboarded on the projects on the Development Projects I will be working on in the upcoming months.

Developing the tools of the Future!

3 years ago, Nendeln

Full steam ahead

I am still in the onboarding, however working very independently in a development project of a new product. I am suprised by the amount of responsability given to me in such a short time!

My colleagues in Schaan have been very supportive.  In both professional topics, whenever I need support, but also on my adaptation to my new life here.

Some of my colleagues at Hilti eventually become friends and quickly there are many activities organized for our free-time here.

Outperformer Class 2018/2019 meets for the first time at the Headquarters!

2 years ago, Liechtenstein

Summit I (Headquarters) – 2019

The Summit I was the first opportunitiy to meet my fellow Outperformers. The packed agenda led us to a very intense week of learning and working together. We had great moments together! What a pleasure being part of this Class.

There is always something to do after-work!

2 years ago, Nendeln

Hilti Sports groups

At Hilti HQ there are many sports groups: basketball, go-karting, tennis, rugby, and many others. I usually join the karting group once a month for the race.

Other after-work activities like going to Gamprin lake or night ski are often arranged with office colleagues.


Working for BU Measuring from MO West office, in the Bay Area

2 years ago, CA

Moving to California

For my new Project I moved to California, I will be closer to our customers in the lead market for a new product. Looking forward to work with my collagues from the Sales Organization. It will be a year full of challenges. I am looking really looking forward!

In September I went to Los Angeles to test the latest tool prototype in our costumer's jobsites. Lauren, a fellow outperformer based in Orange County, who I met during Summit I was a big support in setting up field rides.

2 years ago, CA

The much antecipated Summit II was planned to be held in Lausanne, but 2020 and it took place online. IMD's digital learning platform allowed us to reunite for an insightful journey in Leadership topics.

2 years ago, Switzerland


Technical Track, Year Two