At the beginning of August, I was eagerly starting my adventure in my first rotation as an Account Manager at Hilti.

6 months ago, Vantaa

A lot can happen in a few months.

Starting as an Account Manager in the field of construction, with no previous experience from the field, can feel like a jump into cold water. Or, in my case, more like being thrown into a hole in the ice. But you know, us Finns consider that quite a good pastime!

Consequently, I’ve had to spend quite a lot of time outside my comfort zone in the past months. The first few months I literally felt as if my customers were speaking in a foreign language (I’m not even kidding). I think it was my third day on the job that I found myself using a diamond drill, with no clue whatsoever as to why it even exists in the first place. Thus, my message to you guys who are thinking of applying – Don’t worry if you don’t have experience from the industry. It might be a jump into cold water, but you will have all the support you need to paddle through, as long as you are curious and passionate to learn.

My first weeks consisted of product training, several van rides with experienced colleagues, a barbecue party at the office to kick off the autumn and a culture camp where we got to immerse ourselves into the Hilti culture. After spending three weeks at a basic training in Manchester, I already felt more comfortable with our products and services and was eager to get out into the field to work with my customers! To be honest, I still understand only a fraction of the products, applications and construction phases in general, but I’ve experienced amazing moments of success, especially when I’ve been able to recommend a product or a solution that has made my client’s job easier or faster. And I’ve learned that even though you’re sitting in the van alone, you always have a team around you eager to help with any weird question any time.

So, a lot can happen in a few months. You can learn to speak construction, develop a passion for the industry and make a ton of new friends! From now on, I will continue working with my customers, developing long-term relationships and striving to provide them with value adding products, services and solutions. Stay tuned for more moments to come!


21 Outperformers, 20 nationalities, 1 summit.

6 months ago, Liechtenstein

1st Global Summit

What happens when you put 21 Outperformers in one classroom for a week? Super interesting discussions, lots of valuable feedback, hard work, diverse opinions and perspectives, tons of incredibly tight friendships and most of all, lots of fun!

At the start of November, Outperformers from all over the world travelled to the corporate headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein for a week long global summit. For many of us, it was the first opportunity to meet other trainees and to share our experiences so far in the program. For someone quite fresh like myself, it was inspiring to hear how my peers had developed in their different rotations. Moreover, the week included leadership training and tons of opportunities to discuss and interact with senior management – something that, in my opinion, really sets the program apart from many others. In order to not spoil the week for future Outperformers, I won’t elaborate on the content much further, but rather just show you a few photos!

Winning team!


Weekend in Zürich

6 months ago, Sveitsi

Friends, hot chocolate and beautiful Zürich.

After an intense week at the global summit, our group headed off to Zürich to enjoy a weekend filled with good food, sights and time with each other. Now it’s back to business in snowy Finland, stay tuned for more!


Commercial Track, Year One