8 Weeks on boarding

4 years ago, Liechtenstein

My first day in Liechtenstein

I did an 8 weeks on boarding with global logistics in the headquarter — Nendlen, Liechtenstein. During my on boarding period, I visited the manufacturing plant to understand the upstream process of the global supply chain, met colleagues I would work with,  and enjoyed the amazing nature in the Happy Valley.

Program Recruiting

4 years ago, Hungary

CEMS recruiting in Budapest, Hungary

Before the first summit in Liechtenstein, I joined the regional HR team from North Asia for the CEMS recruiting event in Budapest. It was the first time I noticed how tired the HR could be after the entire day.

First Summit in Schaan: This was the first time I met my peers. Also, I met Michael Hilti!

3 years ago, Liechtenstein

Material Management Team

3 years ago, China

Kickoff party in Shanghai, China

I was the MC for the 2018 annual party in China.
This is the picture with the Material Management team of Great China.
I enjoyed the time spent with the team. Time went so quickly.

Product Training

3 years ago, Japan

Product Training in Tokyo, Japan

Our North Asia training center is in Tokyo, Japan. I did a product training – Gate Way to Success – with engineers and account managers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan together. It is absolutely a lot of fun learning the Hilti products as a logistics person.

Transport Rotation, I did 5 months of transport management for UK and Ireland here. It has a very diverse group. 

3 years ago, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Volunteer Project in Bosnia

3 years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2nd Summit in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was an absolutely fantastic trip!
Our second summit is a volunteer project in Bosnia, building houses for refugees from the internal war in 1992.
At here, we did not have the signal and hot water but had energy and team spirit. I loved my team!
It was also a life-changing experience. Giving back is such a good thing to do.

An enjoyable day with other outperformers

3 years ago, Switzerland

One day outdoor challenges in Lausanne, Switzerland

At here, we did 5 exercises which sounded impossible. Teamwork was the key. The group feedback with peers made us close. I noticed that my peers knew me in person and we were willing to help each other to be better.


One week of intensive learning in IMD! We had so much fun.

3 years ago, Switzerland

Warehouse management was not easy, but I had so much fun with these people's support.

2 years ago, United Kingdom