4 Account Manager, 1 Sales Manager and the Division Manager - great team, great show. To about 50 employees of our customer we presented our innovative product portfolio. Meanwhile, the customer is 100% red. Great success.

10 months ago, Deutschland

During this week, I met great colleagues from all around the world. The best part was obviously the view....

10 months ago, Liechtenstein

Volunteering at Habitat was great fun. We preassembled the entire inner structure of an new house which will be owned in the future by an low-income family in Dallas. Thanks #Mila for organizing.

10 months ago, Texas

Welcome to the meat state. Today was time for an honest Texan BBQ lunch. After 6 pounds of beef and pork ribs, turkey and brisket, productivity slightly dropped this afternoon Photo: Chris & his wife Sabah, Patrick and myself

10 months ago, East 15th Street

Three month on the job in Panama City and it is great. Today, the HR team organized a workshop with the topic persuading others. Thanks a lot.

5 months ago, Panama


Commercial Track, Year Two