There's definitely still a lot to learn on the job as an Account Manager (AM). With the people-oriented culture at Hilti, I can always find the support needed so I am confident in performing better with time.

2 years ago,

It’s still early a.m. for this AM

It is just the beginning of my Hilti journey.

Having spent most of my time in the world of engineering, I had no sales-related experience before joining Hilti. When I was given the responsibility of being an account manager who needs to take care of more than 100 customer accounts, I was quite excited about the new challenge but also clueless about what the role is like and how to prepare for it.

That was the moment when I felt the caring culture of Hilti. Through numerous field rides with the experienced Account Managers, other than observing how the daily operation is like, I became more familiar with the construction industry in Hong Kong. More importantly, they were willing to share with me their experiences and I had received some useful tips from them which I now find useful for my daily operation. Along with some online training resources followed by a 2-week training trip in Japan (group photo shown above), these gave me the confidence to face customers and I felt more prepared to take up the role as an account manager.

After the 2-month warm-up, time for the real task. Although I have already been told multiple times, it still surprises me how dynamic the role is. The day before you can be visiting customer offices where everything is in order and you have a lovely chat with the customers under a nice atmosphere with birds humming in the background. Then the following day you can be visiting customer jobsites where you have a difficult chat with the customers under a deafening atmosphere filled with the noise of heavy machines and people shouting.

Since no two days are the same, you always learn something new, daily. From approaching customers at different levels and explaining the value of Hilti tools/services, to exchanging useful information with your teammates and working with other functional teams daily, there is a lot to learn at the role, especially when you’re dealing with a customer complaint.

Looking back, when I joined Hilti 3 months ago, I could not imagine myself visiting customers alone and solving their problems. Now here I am, visiting customers all by myself and doing this daily. At this moment, there is room for improvement for me as an account manager. With the advice from my seniors and self-reflection, I can see myself improving and performing better.

Looking forward to the upcoming future!

Spencer Tat Yiu

Commercial Track, Year One