3 days full of interesting conversations and challenging tasks!

12 months ago, Rusija

Experience at the Assessment Centre in Moscow.

When I said to my friends that I was going for the final round of job interview to Moscow, they were all the time questioning: why Moscow and why 3 days. The answer is – since MO Baltics is a part of the Eastern Europe region, the last part of assessment procedure usually takes place in the central office in Moscow, Russia. Participating at the assessment centre was a great experience! I have caught myself time by time feeling that I am not at a regular job interview but just having a good time and meeting new people from Hilti. On the first day we met with other candidates for the Outperformer program and got more broadened view about the company. Later that day we had dinner with Hilti employees who work in top management positions in EE region. That was a chance to get to know them better because they were going to assess all candidates next day. On the second day we had a variety of  different tasks which required to demonstrate our skills in the best way. After a long day we got the results and very detailed feedback of our performance during the day. On the third day those who were selected into the program, had an opportunity to meet Vladimir Mosny, General Manager of Hilti Russia, in person and have the chat with him about future career possibilities within Hilti. After this I started the program in one month.

From usual office work to red Hilti car.

12 months ago, Lietuva

First days with the RED car.

The best word describing how the first days in the account manager’s shoes were could be – CHALLENGING. Before joining Hilti I was working in the Marketing Department of Kaunas University of Technology, so I was kinda used to office work, when you usually spend your day in the nice office environment answering calls and emails. So, spending all day in a car and visiting different clients seemed to be completely different experience. At first, I was a bit stressed out about how to start conversations with my clients and answerthe questions about all different tools. But thanks due to incredible team around me and my team leader the onboarding process went smoothly.

Not only getting the basics about Hilti products but improving your Russian language skills at the same time!

12 months ago, Rusija

2 weeks of intensive learning in Moscow, Russia.

I have spent two weeks in Moscow, Russia to get the basics about different sales techniques and Hilti products. The trainings were great, but they were in Russian all the time. I am not speaking Russian that fluently so this was quite a challenge for me to understand everything. Nevertheless, colleagues from Russia were extremely friendly and helped me with translations and gave me some tips & tricks how to make my Russian even better.


The moment when you finally meet your teammates in the reality after weeks of working online together!

12 months ago,

Global Summit I

The part of the Outperformer program is Global Summit I, when all the trainees meet for the first time in Hilti HQ, in Schaan. Before coming to Liechtenstein we were distributed in different teams and assigned with a task of virtual simulation project. So we had many of Skype calls and emails with the people in the picture above. After 3 months of intensive work online we finally met up in real life for the first time. It was so strange and exciting moment at the same time. Time in headquarters was amazing: we got better understanding of how company and different departments work, complete overview about the program and of course got to know our fellows – trainees much more. On the last day of the summit I was saying that I will need some time to think over what has happened and to put everything in the right places!

The best way to learn about the teamwork!

3 hours ago,

Global Summit II – Social Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was an experience of a lifetime! During last week together with 27 Hilti trainees and Bauern helfen Bauern we built 4 houses for families in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This social project is organised every year by Hilti Foundation to help for community of Bosnia after the war which happened in 1992 – 1995.

The week was full of interesting lectures with extremely experienced professors, new insights about business within Hilti and new learnings about colleagues and myself.

3 hours ago, Switzerland

Global Summit III – Week at IMD

Finally, we finished our learning journey at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland! During 7 months together with other global trainees from Hilti, we went through different modules about finances, strategy and digital disruption. Many interesting topics, tasks, a lot of teamwork, skype sessions and we finally met at IMD, prepared to finalize all our findings. The week was full of interesting lectures with extremely experienced professors, new insights about business within Hilti and new learnings about colleagues and myself. Outdoors activities helped our team to discover new things about ourselves! I was amazed how fast a small group of people can become united for the same goal and achieve it without any hesitation. Moreover, we all realized how much we don’t know about ourselves yet and how different we could be in the same situations.

This course and previous week will absolutely have a huge impact on my personal life and professional career! Thanks Hilti and IMD for such an amazing opportunity! And of course, huge thanks to my amazing colleagues – outperformers! You are the people who inspire me to be a better human being!