When you start as Account Manager directly off university, it is normal to struggle at the beginning. Especially when customers show you something like this and ask for recommendations - Bot don't worry: Great support from Field Engineers

6 years ago, Schweiz

First days out in the field – A Jump into the cold water!!

During my Account Manager time, I was assigned a territory in Bern (Capital of Switzerland). Fridays I usually drove back to St.Gallen (my hometown) - Spent a lot of time in traffic jam. Sometimes picked up trampers to have a little chat

6 years ago, Gunzgen

During my time as Account Manager, Hilti launched a major strategic initiative: ON!Track - Asset Management for construction industry. I quickly got familiar with the topic and develop a demo-kit for our team and coached my colleagues.

6 years ago, Schweiz

In order to push our new strategic initiative we established a team competition - This was our "announcement picture" to start off the race!

6 years ago, Rubernstrasse

At Hilti, we are very innovative - More than 60 new products available each year. My favourite was the PDC - Measuring objects by only taking a picture (works perfectly)! Sold over 30 of them in two months - My absoulte favourite!!

6 years ago, Schweiz

Global summit with trainees from around the globe - First time we all meet together! Fantastic week with a good mix of business topics and a lot of exposure to top management (lunch with CEO, CFO and Head of Global HR).

6 years ago, Liechtenstein

At Hilti we have a very unique balance between performance & fun. Having a blast at the annual christmas dinner - Celebrating a successful year and partying all night long...

5 years ago, Schweiz

In Switzerland, you are obliged to attend a 3-4 weeks military training every year - Sometimes difficult to arrange while being on a challenging project at Hilti. Thanks to our top notch working equipment it is easy to stay tuned!

5 years ago, Schweiz

Our Italian speaking friends where the first region to get the new hardware & training - Great location just next to the lake. And of course nice pasta over lunch!

5 years ago, 6900 Pazzallo

Two days of training for in total 4 sales regions in French speaking part. Highly motivated teams and a lot of fun - Althoug we encountered some initial problems - all laptops were configured in German and of course they did not like it:)

5 years ago, Rue de Lausanne

One of the smoothest training so far. Very good to be back in the former sales team - Lot' s of fun!

5 years ago, Schweiz

Workshop with the global asset management team in Schaan. Testing new hardware for asset management!

5 years ago, Liechtenstein

Spending four days out in the field to test innovative solutions for asset management! Good to do some hands-on and leave the excel sheets and powerpoint slides in the office for a couple of days:)

5 years ago, Schweiz

During my last week in Kaufering, I arranged a nice fondue for my team. They liked it a lot, but our productivity in the afternoon was not the highest as we all ate ways too much!

5 years ago, Hiltistraße

Outperformers from all around the globe meet once per year for a global summit, usually in Europe - A unique chance to talk to colleagues and build up a strong network for the future!

5 years ago, Republika Srpska

Global Summit in Bosnia 2017

This year we spent one week in Bosnia (Srebrenica) where we built houses for people in need. For us, it was an extremely valuable experience. We arrived in Srebrenica on Monday and first had a guided tour around the memorial and museum before we drove to the different jobsites. This year, we had four construction site, some of them in very remote areas. Our jobiste (Team 4) was about one hour away from Srebrenica, just next to the border with Serbia (the village is called “Skelani”).

Working together with the family and local carpenters was very interesting. Although we had some communication difficulties at the beginning (we could not communicate in English), we quickly adapted and grasped the most important words: Whenever they wanted us to do something, they shouted “Kollega”, briefly showed how we should do it and then let us work. Also working on a construction site in Bosnia is totally different to what I knew from Europe. Helmets or other safety equipment are not standard here and in stead of coffee breaks we usually had a Slivovitz in the morning (local Spirit made of apricots).

At the end of the week, we managed to build a decent home for the young family with two children. Handing over the key on friday was a big event (even the major of the region showed up). They prepared a special dish (grilled meat) and a lot of beers.

Looking back, the global Summit in Bosnia was another highlight of the Global Trainee Program. For us, it was a lot of fun and a very nice distraction from our usual daily business. On the other side, for the family, it is the beginning of a new and better future!


Having a blast at the end of a fantastic week in Bosnia!!

5 years ago, Föderation Bosnien und Herzegowina

First van ride with an Account Manger from Tokyo Area - Also here, we took of our shoes before entering the customer' s office, quite different to Europe!

5 years ago, Chūō

I was welcomed in Japan very warmely. After having several days of onboarding, the marketing team organized an official welcome dinner where we had traditional Rame (Japanese Noodle Soup). It was very delicious!

5 years ago, Yokohama

Business Cards are extremely important in Japan and it would be impolite to show up at a customer without having one. Usually, you place the card on the table according to the hierarchy, so boss first, then the workers and other people

5 years ago,

Day trip with the Shinkansen (Japan' s super fast "bullet train") to Hilti Tool Service Center in Gifu

5 years ago, Japan

As a global trainee at Hilti, you travel a lot for business. But there are also many opportunities to explore the countries of assignments - Great time here in Okinawa at the very south of Japan - Feels a bit like being in Hawai!!

5 years ago, Japan

It' s late friday afternoon and suddenly things in the office begin to shake slightly. My Japanese colleagues who are used to having earthquakes frequently were just laughing at me when they saw my panic face...

5 years ago, Yokohama

Even though subway stations and trains are usually very crowded, commuting in the Tokyo area is quite convenient - In opposite to Europe, talking on the phone on all trains is not permitted:)

5 years ago, Yokohama

Japan is a very large country with a strech of over 3'000 kms from south to north. Enjoying a great weekend in Sapporo region - Fantastic scenary with tree leaves changing colours and very nice hot springs to relax and bath!

5 years ago, Noboribetsu-shi

Today I was invited for a casual Pizza Lunch with Logistic & Engineering team. Great opportunity to get to know people and delicious Pizza!

5 years ago, Präfektur Kanagawa

It' s been two years ago when I first met Alex. He was already in the program and attending the assment center I went through in Germany to share experiences. Now, we together work on introducing a major strategic initiative for Japan

5 years ago, Präfektur Kanagawa

Training on how to react upon fire or strong earthquakes - They take it very seriously here and even built up a tent full of smoke to simulate possible fire

5 years ago, Yokohama

In Hilti, we are quite flexible when it comes to working remotely, so leaving early on friday to catch a plane or even work the day from the airport lounge is no problem!

5 years ago, Central Visayas

Monunt Fuji - Even as a Swiss guy grewn up surrounded by mountains, this is defenitely a real beauty!

5 years ago, Fujinomiya

Looking back at 10 months I spent out in the field as an Account Manager in Steel & Metal Trade.

5 years ago, Schweiz

Reflection on 1st assignment – Account Manager

I got into contact with Hilti in the very first semester of my studies at the University of St.Gallen. In one of my first classes, we had the chance to do a case study about Hilti’s innovative business model, learned about the importance of culture and the Fleet Management Initiative. At that time, I could never have imagined to work in construction industries – Companies in insurance, banking and consulting sectors where more top of mind. But five years later after completing my Masters’ degree in St.Gallen and Russia, I joined Hilti with the Global Trainee Program. It was during the recruiting process when I figured out that working at Hilti is a great opportunity and that there are many possibilities to develop yourself quickly. All the people I talked to very so enthusiastic about the company and it’ s products that I just got “infected”.

I joined Hilti as a Technical Sales person in steel/ metal industry in the Bern Region (capital of Switzerland). After four weeks of intense training in the headquarters I was extremely eager to go out into the field and start selling Hilti tools. To put it in a nutshell: This was one of the most interesting and challenging positions I ever had. When I started, I had no clue about selling power tools, chemical anchors or drills – It was a jump into the cold water. But I quickly realized that selling can be learned and is not only talent. The Hilti culture and team spirit helped a lot to get speed and have a steep learning curve. I finished my sales rotation with mixed feelings: On one side, I was looking forward to the next project, on the other side I missed the direct customer contact and my team members. During the sales rotation, I could strengthen my communication and negotiation skills and I learned to understand the customer’s needs. Furthermore, it was a great chance to get to know the Hilti products, processes and solutions.


Looking back, the time being an Account Manager was a unique experience as I was able to improve and also acquire many new skills that will be helpful for future assignments! It might look strange on your CV – Becoming Account Manager after your Master Degree in Business Management is not the usual career path for such kind of education – But it is a great opportunity to kick start your career in Hilti and it definitely pays off!

Just had a good session with my Japanese colleague. Doing hands-on training in the application and developing Demo Kit & training material for the Area Sales Managers

5 years ago, Präfektur Kanagawa

When being an Account Manager, this little thing was my favourite Hilti Product! Happy to share my experiences with the Japanese Product Manager, who is planning the launch for PD-C in Japan.

5 years ago,

Stunning view from Taiwan' s highest building - Taipeh 101

4 years ago, Section 5

My last project enables me to levarage most of the things I learned during the two years at Hilti so far. Also the experience as an Account Manager is key - Currently designing training concepts for Area Sales Managers and Account Managers

4 years ago,

Just received my Visa Application Package - Some 150 pages of documents, letters, income statements etc.:) Looking forward to soon start off in Hilti US!

4 years ago,

One of my colleagues from work took me to a nice weekend trip down the cost of Japan. Feels a bit like driving on highway one in California. To my surprise, even many people doing wave surfing (in November!?)

4 years ago, Präfektur Shizuoka

Just finished an intense week of training with the newly hired ON!Track Consultants for MOJP

4 years ago,

After a couple of weeks preparation and heaps of documents, all set for the next adventure with Hilti North America: Just received back my 3 years US working visa:)

4 years ago, Minato

Train the trainer on roleplays for selling ON!Track successfully

4 years ago,

Two friends from Switzerland came over last week. Great time showing them around in Tokyo and enjoying some sun in Okinawa!

4 years ago, Japan

During my last week with Hilti Japan, I organized another Fondue Party with my colleagues! Even though getting the ingredients and cooking accessories was a bit of a hassle, they enjoyed it a lot!

4 years ago, Yokohama

After 4 months with Hilti Japan it is time to say goodbye! One of the best experiences during the program so far. Good mix between business and also a lot of travelling and exploring Japanese culture! Thank you Hilti and MO Japan!

4 years ago, Narita

After a short break at home celebrating christmas time with friends and family we headed on to US to check out houses and meet the new team! Very excited to start in the new role!

4 years ago, TX

Spending a week at the Annual Kick Off for Hilti North America. Very impressive set up and good opportunity to get to know new team members and the MO!

4 years ago, OK

After some intense days of preparation, our stuff is finally packed up into the container and being shipped to US! Impressed by the speed and level of professionalism of the moving agency!

4 years ago, Switzerland

Getting familiar with the Texan culture of rodeo - massive event in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington!

4 years ago, AT&T Way